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Free Book Excerpts

Free Book Excerpts

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Free Book Excerpts -

When was the snow pack not melting? All you had to do was look up at any of the balding mountains. Then the great Deschutes River, elegant and fast, a river which cut across the Oregon desert like a streak of lightning across a dull gray sky, dried up in a single summer.

The farms that depended upon it followed suit. There were strikes and protests. Blood was spilled. Then, quickly, other rivers diminished. Finally, the greatest of them all, the Columbia River, its sources choked in mud, leaked its deathsong through the gorge, and became only a scaly alligator skin of memory.

In its wake, valleys turned to deserts, fertile farms to dust, and the great migration East began. As the hordes of Droudies poured into the Midwest and Eastern United States and the last of the surface water seeped deep into the ground, anger over the millions of incoming refugees escalated.

Finally, borders along the Rocky Mountains were sealed to Westerners and a meager aid strategy was conceived by the bankrupt government for the many millions abandoned to their dry fates out west. Read the first three chapters from A Summer in the Twenties by Peter Dickinson:. From The Liminal People , by Ayize Jama-Everett.

Nordeen was right to send me. As soon as I got out of the car their right eyes all zoomed in on something.

Their boy, my date, Omar, wants what we have. His steady sub-Saharan heartbeat is the only answer I get from the pound menace. Always does. From Second Line by Poppy Z. Surveying the class slumped in their desks, she could not blame them for their apathy. Though it was only April, the weather was already hinting at another brutal New Orleans summer.

For public schools to be without air conditioning in was a disgrace, but such things were usual in this little corner of the United States that might be more properly called part of the Third World.

Reilly suddenly felt hopeless and decided to call on her one dependable student. Death was, after all, the way Henry made his living. The books he sold were most often the recent property of people who had died.

Book lovers never gave up the good ones without cause. But then, the books which people sold willingly were not the ones Henry really wanted. But not always. Like encounters with sin, Henry had occasions of luck at yard sales, though not often enough to waste a weekend which might better be spent at home reading.

His favorite haunts were the estate auctions, and the best of these were the ones held at the very house where the old geezer had kicked the bucket. And there was always that thin network of friends who knew Henry was a bookman—who heard of book lots being sold and passed the word on.

Albert, of course, had been a regular source for this, simply because his trash-removal business so often involved houses being sold where the books had accumulated over the years and the dead were recently departed. William strides up and pretends to be the free driver to your hotel.

Not only that but he organizes a second motorbike to wobble its way round the ruts with your suitcases. A great photographer — someone like Diane Arbus, or me during that fraction of a second when I was great — she sees that moment coming, and presses the shutter release an instant before the change hits.

Maybe no one else knows it, but you do. In my case, it was no secret. Some people can make do in a situation like that. And the King, who by now had almost forgotten the old Queen and had scarcely looked at the baby, agreed and thought no more about it.

And that would have been the end of that baby girl, but that her nurse, Matulli, came to hear of it. Now this nurse was from Finmark, and, like many another from thereabouts, was apt to take on the shape of an animal from time to time. One of the questions Damon and I returned to often was simply: can writing be taught?

There are many writers who say emphatically that the answer is no. I see their point. High school and college creative writing classes are too often a joke, taught by non-writers without a clue about the real world of publishing and what makes for a publishable story in contemporary markets.

For most writers struggling alone, the learning curve from the first attempt to write to becoming an accomplished writer is very long; years in many cases. By Anita Shreve. Have you ever wondered what became of your first love?

The story focuses on Siân Richards and Charles Callahan, who fell hard for one another when they met at summer camp at the tender age of Though the couple went their separate ways at the end of the summer, the intensity of their first love remained unmatched.

By Sott Jeffrey Miller. Scott Jeffrey Miller, a student of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People author Stephen R. Covey, has some advice for you.

The Long Flight Home draws on the historical importance of carrier pigeons to craft a masterful novel about strength and hope in the midst of wartime crisis. The story focuses on Susan Shepherd, a young British woman who was orphaned as a child.

Susan was raised by her grandfather Bertie, who taught her the art of raising homing pigeons. When a popular student at the Goode School is found hanging from the school gates halfway through the fall semester, rumors swirl around her untimely death.

Was it truly a suicide—or was it murder? By Kaira Rouda. Exactly one year ago, Jane's daughter Mary died in a tragic accident. By John Brooks. Written over half a century ago, Business Adventures remains relevant in its examination of the pitfalls and successes of the world of Wall Street.

As a financial journalist and longtime contributor to The New Yorker , Brooks excelled at writing insightful commentary about complicated business phenomenon in a way that was accessible to the everyday reader. By Kaytie Norman Published Jun 5, I also want to get The Reader newsletter featuring book deals, recommendations, and giveaways.

A Stunning Memoir. Behind the Scenes By Elizabeth Keckley Born into slavery in February , Elizabeth Hobbs Keckley was the daughter of her owner, Armistead Burwell, and his house slave, Agnes.

Apple Books. A Gorgeous Romance Novel. Where or When By Anita Shreve Have you ever wondered what became of your first love? A Smart Self-Help Book. A Hopeful Historical Fiction Novel. The Long Flight Home By Alan Hlad The Long Flight Home draws on the historical importance of carrier pigeons to craft a masterful novel about strength and hope in the midst of wartime crisis.

A Twisty Teen Thriller.

Exxerpts silver satellite inspired religion, gave rise Fre science, and Free Book Excerpts Affordable kitchen supplies human. Taking public transport with my baby was an act of faith—and, ultimately, joy. Here, in our house of worship, people were taunting me about politics as I tried to mourn. We finally have the tools we need. Now scientists just need to watch and wait. Book excerpts Excerpgs a terrific way to get a feel for EExcerpts new book and Back-to-School Specials Affordable food packages or not you Execrpts be Freee in buying the book. Many book Affordable food packages are from the Affordable food packages chapter but sometimes excerpts will be Wallet-friendly grocery discounts from interior chapters usually in nonfiction books. Here we have gathered some interesting sources for book excerpts on the Internet. You might also be interested in our free ebooks page which has links to where you can download ebooks for free. Checking the website of your favorite author is another good place to find excerpts from books. Publishers websites also sometimes offer teasers or first chapters. For more information about great books be sure to check out our book reviews section.


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