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Bargain pantry promotions

Bargain pantry promotions

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Bargain pantry promotions -

This way, I am gradually building my stock at sale prices. At that point, I can continue to just purchase to keep my stock to 12 jars, or I can keep building to extend the time longer.

Sometimes, sales cycles vary in price. You might get a decent sale one cycle, but the next cycle, a better sale plus a coupon makes a product a rock bottom price. However, if peanut butter happens to be on sale for. This would also be a good time to build up a pantry item you want when it hits a super low price.

It will take time to learn to track what rock bottom prices are for you a price list is great for that which you can learn more about here — coming next week. The reason that I am this purposeful to stock my pantry is that I want to be sure we have enough food to last a few weeks without traveling to the store constantly, a few months to cover any emergency that may happen to us such as a job loss or sickness.

Not all products go on sale, either. Be sure to check the end of seasonal sales for clearance products that the store is trying to get rid of. Buy the ketchup. Buy enough to get you through, even if you have to pay a little more for it. Once the next sales cycle comes for your ketchup — STOCK UP!

Or maybe you are really into exact numbers and you have a price book Click here to see my price book and how it can help you. Using the seasons to plan for those things that are on sale in a yearly cycle.

This is not just for food, but for products that go on sale during seasonal periods all year. It can help you stock up on things for your linen pantry, your garage, your clothes, and more!

Seasonal Produce in April this information is based on North American growing norms. Your region and country may vary. Since so much of our food is grown year-round, all over the world, pretty much all food is available to us all the time.

Additionally, some produce only grown locally in the summer may be in season in the winter south of the equator and put on sale. Darcy Baldwin is the creator of The Purposeful Pantry.

She is Christ-follower and all-around geek who is passionate about teaching others dehydrating, freeze-drying, and other food preservation methods to stock their pantries well. Hi Darcy, what a great article! We supplement our off grid homestead pantry from our local grocery store, and understanding the cycles of their product marketing has always been important to our budget.

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