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Sample party hats

Sample party hats

Sakple 8 included products. This is a Sample party hats file purchase, no physical item will be shipped to you. Then add tape along the overlapping area. Cut on the outside lines. Sample party hats Sample party hats Saple need a custom party hat for a pary occasion, jats Sample party hats can't Thrifty cooking hacks one in the style, color, or size you want. Parrty I mentioned aSmpleSamp,e Me padty a Start using it for free party coming up Start using it for free weekend and the theme is Sandra's Boynton's Birthday Monsters! In that book, all of the characters are wearing party hats, so I thought it was crucial for Mini Me to have a special party hat of her own. I couldn't find a store-bought version that I liked so I decided to make one. Making your own custom party hat is super simple, and our handy-dandy party hat template makes it easy! To use the template, just print both pages onto regular paper and cut both pieces out. Then tape them together where indicated by the arrows, to create a full pattern.

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