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Affordable wedding catering

Affordable wedding catering

Jun Affordable wedding catering, If Pocket-friendly dairy essentials are planning a business Limited quantity samples or and dinner wedxing please give us Affordable wedding catering call. The Aftordable Limited quantity samples Can Make fAfordable Difference This is wedring extension of the planning tip above. Every aspect of a wedding will cost you more than you would like because feeding and entertaining around guests is not easy. Our menus include hot or continental breakfast, lunches, buffets, or box lunches and delicious dinners. One of the largest expenses for most celebrations is catering. At least, at the beginning of the night.

Affordable wedding catering -

Think shrimp cocktail, bacon-wrapped scallops, warm goat cheese and beet sliders, and miniature savory pies. Cut the servers and pomp from the appetizer equation and have guests help themselves at well-spaced stations.

This strategy also encourages mingling. Creamy clam chowder or savory tomato bisque paired with airy crostini is far cheaper per serving than seafood ceviche or caprese salad. If you decide to forgo dinner altogether, your soup option could be the centerpiece of a lighter food service that stretches into the window when dinner would typically occur.

Visually attractive appetizer ingredients are often cheaper than drab fancy alternatives. In summer, a colorful garden salad sourced from your local farmers market typically costs less than a two-toned shrimp cocktail or monochrome lamb skewer.

It also looks equally fancy. They include sensible menu and service changes made to control costs as well as out-of-the-box ideas that could leave guests positively buzzing about your wedding for weeks to come.

But it can help to have a general sense of the cost of various types of vegetables, meats and fish, and common sides. The more you know about the costs of ingredients and finished dishes, the better you can negotiate menu pricing or swap costly components for cheaper ones. Instead of a formal, sit-down dinner service, break out heavy apps during the cocktail hour and keep them flowing until toast time.

For example, you could serve:. Swap pricey cuts of meat — such as filet, prime rib, and lamb chop — for cheaper or nontraditional cuts.

For instance, well-marinated flank steak or sirloin tips are nearly as tasty as your basic filet mignon, and at a fraction of the cost. MyRecipes has an article on less expensive beef substitutions , for example. If skipping dinner is too bold for you, you can still save by skipping the meat.

Most animal protein is expensive, particularly the fancy types and cuts wedding caterers push, such as filet mignon, prime rib, lamb, and sea bass.

Swap these pricey proteins for hearty vegetables and plant-based proteins like tofu, seitan, portabella mushroom, eggplant, and cauliflower. Use artistic presentations and complex sauces and dressings to keep things interesting.

Get inspired with vegetarian wedding menu guides from Bon Appetit , The Knot , and WeddingWire. Traditional dinner service is boring. Popular ideas include:.

If you go the build-your-own route, set up at least two double-sided stations to allow up to four guests to serve themselves the same ingredient at once. Along with staggered self-service by table, this helps reduce bottlenecks.

Elevate your buffet service by setting out straightforward themed serving stations with one or two offerings.

On that note, try to separate offerings that contain meat from all-vegetarian and if possible all-vegan options. You want every guest to have easy access to every station and to avoid bottlenecks as much as possible.

You can reduce labor costs for dinner prep, plating, and service by serving family-style meals. Family-style service means seated guests serve themselves from communal dishes placed on their tables — an instant conversation-starter and opportunity for portion control.

Limiting the choices reduces prep and plating costs as well as the likelihood of service errors. For your meat option, opt for poultry instead of hoofed proteins. Chicken is cheaper than beef, lamb, or pork, and less likely to offend dietary preferences besides. Skip pricey caterers, and bulk-order takeout from your favorite local restaurant.

Besides, when push comes to shove, how many guests are going to turn down free pizza? Takeout is an excellent accompaniment for casual daytime receptions.

With enough advance notice — a week or longer, most likely — most decent-size restaurants can accommodate catering for or guests. Fast-casual chains like Chipotle are safer bets and may be amenable to day-before or even day-of orders.

Instead, break the mold, and let your guest finish their cocktails or enjoy their meals with a glass of water, NA seltzer, soda, or tea. Local, in-season menus often cost less than luxe menus with ingredients sourced from the four corners of the world, particularly those that feature seafood or red meat.

Note that a local-food-only requirement can affect your choice of caterer. You may even need to purchase and prepare some menu elements yourself with the help of guests or the wedding party.

Compared with a take-it-or-leave-it main course, a six- or eight-course tasting menu means greater logistical complexity and higher prep costs. But smaller portion sizes and slower pacing may justify these drawbacks. If you serve less food overall, you spend less on ingredients.

Think of this as a creative alternative to heavy app-only dinners. These ideas could reduce your final beverage service bill, which is a massive, often overlooked outlay for most nuptials.

They include practical changes to how you purchase and serve drinks as well as creative ideas that engage and entertain your guests without breaking the bank. Most full-service wedding venues require you to pay by the drink, not by the bottle or case.

If you can find a venue that offers bulk pricing to parties pouring venue-supplied drinks, jump on that deal. But some venues permit outside booze, usually in exchange for a corkage fee charged on each bottle opened by bar staff.

Corkage policies are likely to be laxer for single-serve containers, such as beer cans. You might not have to pay to serve your own beer at all, though you should check with the venue to confirm. Even after accounting for corkage fees, buying alcohol in bulk at your local liquor outlet or warehouse club dramatically reduces your bill.

Traditional cocktails, which may contain two or three 1-ounce liquor servings, are particularly pricey. At least, at the beginning of the night. No matter where you shop for wedding alcohol, look for advertised bulk discounts.

In lieu of gifts, tap a few intrepid guests — or acquaintances you might otherwise leave off your guest list — to tend bar. But ensure your arrangement complies with local regulations. Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau website.

Nothing complements a casual daytime wedding reception like tubs of beer on ice and chilled, premixed cocktails in spigot dispensers. If you plan to offer self-serve cocktails, be generous with nonalcoholic mixers. You stretch your supply that way and encourage guests to nurse their drinks — a significant consideration for outdoor weddings in hot weather.

The signature mocktail is an alcohol-free twist on the featured cocktail idea. Sell guests on your creation by:. For inspiration, look to mocktail recipe guides from Offbeat Bride and Elle Decor.

You can still have beer and wine for those uninterested in your mocktail. Martha Stewart and Brides magazine have some tantalizing signature cocktail ideas, including low-alcohol options. Remember to:. How it works varies. For example, sometimes, drinks are free during cocktail hour or for an hour after dinner.

You pay for anything you drink after that. As long as you clearly communicate your open bar policies, your guests should play ball.

Many are likely to moderate their drinking as the reception goes on, anyway. Alternatively, limit consumption during open bar hours by handing out tickets, either purchased online or printed on your home computer. Or print them in your wedding program to save the trouble of physically distributing them.

Each adult gets a prescribed number of tickets. Guests who use up their tickets can still pay by the drink or use the tickets of nondrinkers. The hosts had a veritable cornucopia of soft drink options without resorting to craft seltzers, sodas, or shrubs.

Additionally, forgoing alcohol ensures guests leave early, which is ideal for daytime weddings at venues booked for a night session. If guests want to turn things up after your reception, they can always host an after-party and supply their own booze. Use these dessert food ideas to cut the cost of after-dinner sweets and cake service at your wedding.

Traditional wedding cakes are overrated. If you can clean out your local liquor warehouse on the morning of your reception, you can surely head next door to the supermarket and grab a couple dozen prebaked cakes.

You can even pick up an ice cream cake if you plan ahead. But why spring for a fancy — and costly — three-tiered cake when most of your guests would be happy with sheet cake anyway? This is usually a lot less expensive than a per person bar package.

Consider closing the bar during dinner. You can open the bar during cocktail hour, then again after dinner, in time for dancing. Ask your caterer for substitutions. For example, your meal package might include desert. You could serve wedding cake instead and ask them to waive the slicing fee in exchange for the desert.

A food truck is a fun choice if your wedding is outdoors. Prices range depending on where you live and what kind of food trucks are available in your city, but the cost per person is usually a lot less than a caterer.

Arranging a set menu is the most affordable option. Set menus are often inexpensive choices, like barbecue, pizza, tacos, falafels or kebabs. A set menu will also help you avoid long lineups. If each guest has to order, then wait while their food is made, the lineup will be terrible.

Hire a food truck that will have a few set options ready to go. Signature drinks are a great way to save money on your wedding bar. After the food, your next biggest cost is the bar. Offering a full, open bar is the most expensive choice. In some communities a cash bar is typical, and expected at wedding receptions.

If your family and friends offered cash bar at their weddings, go ahead and do the same. For more variety, you can offer beer and wine plus one or two signature cocktails.

A limited bar is a good compromise. With less guests, you can order a smaller cake and fewer wedding invitations and favors. Buffet is the most affordable food service, but the type of food you put on your menu will have an effect on your final price, too.

Prime rib and seafood are the most expensive. But which foods are most affordable? Think of family style meals with dishes that are easy to prepare for big groups of people. You can offer a main dish plus lots of toppings. Plus the cost of the food and ingredients can be lower, depending on the menu you choose.

I know, I know! It took a long time to choose the perfect date and get everyone to agree. Sometimes you can get lower prices, or an off season discount by getting married during the winter. Some caterers will waive the minimum guest count or minimum fees for you if you get married in the off season.

You can save loads of money by planning your wedding for a Sunday breakfast or brunch. The catering will be a lot less expensive.

Plus, no one expects a full bar in the morning. You can offer a champagne toast, plus wine and beer and none of your guests will look sideways. Serving appetizers instead of a meal can help keep your costs down.

The only rule to stick to: make sure your reception ends before dinner would start. Or schedule your reception to start after dinner would end. Cake and punch is a short and sweet wedding reception. You can plan a full ceremony, plus a champagne toast and a first dance at your reception.

The most inexpensive options for a brunch are classic breakfast items. Include scrambled eggs, pancakes, bacon and sausage. Plus a bread basket, butter and jam. If you want to have a signature drink, Mimosas or Bloody Marys are classic brunch cocktails.

Add some juice, coffee and tea for a simple and perfect brunch menu. The most affordable options for appetizers are the type that can be prepared ahead of time and frozen.

These are usually classic choices, like meatballs, mini quiche cups and stuffed mushrooms. Other inexpensive options are items that can be made in a batch, then served in small portions. Like shooter cups of pasta or soup, or grilled cheese sliders and pinwheels. You can also put out bar snacks, like nuts and pretzels, so your guests have something to munch on in between the passed appetizers.

If your budget is smaller, you can always bake your own cake. Or make a semi-diy wedding cake by ordering a plain white cake and decorating it yourself with flowers and a cake topper.

If your budget is too small for a traditional caterer, think about doing DIY or semi-DIY for your wedding meal. You can cook a whole meal from scratch if you want to. Instead of hiring a traditional caterer, you can order meals from your favorite restaurant.

On the day of your wedding, they can be served buffet style or family style to each table. Your food bill will be a lot less than a traditional caterer. You can hire students, young relatives or staff from the restaurant you ordered from.

You can order sandwich trays, pasta salad, potato salad, coleslaw and fruit and veggie trays that are easy to set up and put away.

Affordable Catering has Affordable food specials served Memphis and Limited quantity samples Mid-South for all of your catering events. And dinner menus include hot and dinner continental breakfast, lunches, buffets, Afforxable box Qedding and delicious dinners. If you are planning a business meeting or special event please give us a call. Whether your event is for Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner, we have a menu that will be sure to please you and your guests. We welcome the opportunity to cater your wedding reception, cocktail party, or any event. Affordable wedding catering

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