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Inexpensive pies

Inexpensive pies

Piee nothing Inexpensive pies with a store-bought shortcut, and it'll save Inexpensive pies a ton of time in making decorative pie crust designs! The longer you wait, the better the pie will be set. Total Fat 43g.


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Inexpensive pies -

Lay on a top crust, then sprinkle with raw sugar for a sparkly finish. We tested and tested and tested recipes until we came up with our ultimate version, like this gooey, nutty quintessential pecan pie recipe.

A couple of the tricks we learned from this recipe: Use coconut oil in the place of some of the butter to evoke the tropics; fold yogurt into the whipped cream to reinforce the tang of the lime juice. This pumpkin pie recipe gives room to adjust the spice ratio to your liking, which is why we call for cinnamon, ginger, cloves, and nutmeg instead of one catchall seasoning blend.

Skip the post-dinner coffee and pack a caffeinated punch into dessert with a custard pie that has both espresso and cold brew in the filling.

You could definitely justify having a slice for breakfast. Drizzled with a tangy goat cheese frosting, these jammy hand pies are individually portioned, making them great for a gathering.

You know who they also work for? Just you. The recipe calls for Granny Smiths, but you can sub in any tart apple; check out our guide to the best apples for making pie. This blueberry pie recipe contains a whopping 8 cups of blueberries in the pie filling. Do not attempt without a deep-dish pie pan and don't forget a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Inspired by Cuban pastelitos, this recipe pairs guava paste with cream cheese in a crinkly phyllo crust. Inspired by sweet potato casserole , this cozy, comforting pie deserves a place on your holiday dessert table.

Our favorite desserts are the ones we get to set on fire. This towering lemon meringue pie recipe offers an excellent excuse to buy a kitchen torch. Top the chocolaty filling with dollops of airy whipped cream and crunchy praline shards to give this pie a showstopping presentation.

When springtime brings a bounty of rhubarb, put those stalks to use in a juicy strawberry-rhubarb pie. Top your slice with whipped cream or vanilla ice cream.

This banana cream pie is ridiculously easy to make. The press-in crust and homemade pudding are very forgiving, but be sure to whip the cream just before serving. Adding milk powder to the meringue swooped atop this pie makes it chewy on the outside and pavlova -level creamy in the middle.

Finish it with a dusting of cocoa powder for a sophisticated touch. It features ricotta and cream cheese and has a lively combination of lemon and orange zest that complements the light, creamy filling.

Looking for the perfect cherry pie recipe? This one has our vote. Sour cherries are less sweet and more acidic than other varieties. Their flavor concentrates as they bake, brightening this fruit pie filling.

If you want more fruit pie recipes, our friends at Epicurious have you covered. Need a crowd-pleasing pie for every summer picnic and party? Look no further than this slab pie, baked on a sheet pan and sliced into grabbable squares.

Behold: the spirit of a Key lime pie in the guise of a luscious cranberry curd. We recommend making extra candied cranberries to garnish other Thanksgiving desserts. Think of this as your favorite summer cocktail in frozen pie form. Be sure to plan ahead—this pie needs at least 8 hours to freeze.

Is a galette a pie? Yes, just more laid-back. We tend to think of pumpkin pie as decidedly fall food, but this version gets a fluffy pumpkin- tahini mousse that makes it a year-round contender.

You know, for when you find that can of pumpkin purée lurking in the back of the cabinet in April. With a custardy sweet potato filling and a layer of glossy pecans, this is the ultimate mash-up of two quintessential fall pie recipes.

Beaten egg whites give this pumpkin-spiced pie filling its airy, meringue-like structure. Frozen phyllo dough makes a beautifully ruffled base and top shell for this Greek-inspired custard pie.

Bake it in a cast-iron skillet instead of a pie plate to achieve an extra-crispy bottom. Tart, creamy, and refreshing, Key lime pie is a summer classic. The Floridian staple is not everyone's favorite — it can be too tangy for some, or too cloying with too much sweetened condensed milk — but done right, it will convert some doubters.

Ideally, use fresh Key limes, from Florida ; bottled Key lime juice can work. Some recipe testers suggest a twist of lemon juice to balance out the tartness. Recipe: Allrecipes.

Another summertime winner, strawberry-rhubarb pie balances sweet and tart flavors beautifully. Not surprisingly, the fresher the ingredients the better. A charming lattice-top crust adds to the beauty of the red strawberries and rhubarb filling.

Recipe: Bon Appétit. An old-school diner favorite, lemon meringue pie ranks as a go-to for many — though it's not often made at home these days, despite being fairly straightforward.

The fancy can go for the Chez Panisse Meyer Lemon rendition ; otherwise, keeping things simple will still make some fans. While those with a serious sweet tooth may consider savory pies to be an entirely separate category, we think this classic deserves a place on the list.

Food historians will confirm that savory pies actually predate sweet ones , going as far back as medieval England. Chicken pot pie is the perfect answer to a chilly, rainy day, and this recipe hits all the right notes. Care to follow it up with a sweet pie?

Don't let us stop you. Recipe: Barefoot Contessa. Another American classic, cherry pie done right is immensely satisfying, yet all too often can turn out too goopy or watery. The science-minded Stella Parks cracked the code by figuring out the ideal ratio of sugar, cherries, and tapioca starch using fresh or frozen cherries.

Go the extra mile and make her cherry pit whipped cream. Recipe: Serious Eats. Custard-based pies are not for everyone, but this banana cream pie will likely win over plenty of converts. The recipe calls for a rum-spiked custard between banana slices and homemade whipped cream, topped with white chocolate curls for added class.

A bit of rum can be omitted. Recipe: Food and Wine. Blueberry pie is one of the easier fruit pies to make, as it doesn't require peeling or pitting, and when made well is a big crowd pleaser.

Definitely use fresh when possible, but frozen berries can still make an excellent pie -- they're picked at the height of freshness and maintain plenty of flavor.

Let berries sit for 30 minutes after mixing with cornstarch, sugar, salt, and lemon juice and zest, to let them soften and to extract the juices, avoiding a soupy pie. This Southern classic is popular at Thanksgiving, but delectable the rest of the year as well.

Despite its similarity to pumpkin pie, some people expect a pie involving sweet potatoes won't be sweet enough. One bite and the doubters will be convinced. Don't let the lack of color fool you: This is loaded with plenty of flavor. A recipe from the s based on simply eggs, sugar, milk, shredded coconut, and a dash of salt ramps up flavor with coconut extract and coconut milk for a satisfying treat.

Recipe: Beyond Frosting. Another diner favorite, this pie hits the spot for chocolate lovers and can be customized with bittersweet, semisweet, or milk chocolate — or a combination. Pros recommend straining the filling while warm and adding the filling only once the baked crust has cooled.

Opt for a simple whipped cream topping, or get fancy with meringue. Recipe: King Arthur Flour. The name of this old-fashioned Southern pie might strike some as unappetizing, but done right it's a surprisingly delicious, simple, and cheap crowd-pleaser.

A cousin of the chess pie and equally popular when fresh fruit was scarce and "desperation pies" were born out of necessity , vinegar pie recipes typically call for apple cider vinegar — it adds more complexity than white vinegar. Cinnamon, nutmeg, and vanilla extract help make flavors pop.

Recipe: The Southern Lady Cooks. This classic pie with a charmingly old-school name comes straight out of Pennsylvania Dutch country. The molasses-based, crumb-topped pie is thought to be named because bakers would have to shoo away flies from the sweet ingredients as they cooled. Whatever the case, it's simple and satisfying and bound to pleasantly surprise guests.

It calls for a mix of light and extra dark blackstrap molasses to balance flavors, but just dark molasses can be used.

Recipe: Saveur. Long regarded as the "poor man's pecan pie" when pricey pecans were subbed out for an oatmeal topping, this classic is still popular with many, particularly in the South.

To add variation and a bit of modern decadence, add a layer of bittersweet chocolate on the bottom. Or just stick with the classic. Recipe: She Wears Many Hats. Just so we're clear, this is not the secret, trademarked "Derby-Pie" of Kern's Kitchen of Louisville, Kentucky. But for the perfect pie to make for Kentucky Derby Day — or really any day — this is a pretty close approximation.

They lived humbly, Inexpensive pies with Inexpesive resources. They had Iexpensive make ples Inexpensive pies simple, old-fashioned recipes with Inexpensive pies basic ingredients available to them. Inexpensjve kinds of recipes piee Inexpensive pies favorites ;ies the ones Decorative item samples Inexpensive pies survived and been passed Fragrances online to me through the generations. This recipe is for a Water Pie. But it embodies the kind of simplicity and creativity that kept previous generations of my family alive and well-fed. Water does comprise a major portion of the filling, but I guarantee you that the sugar, vanilla, flour and butter will do the trick if you follow the recipe. My wife Molly and I have learned our favorite FoodieScore recipe finds are those with the shortest ingredient and directions lists. Inexpensive pies Inexpensive pies at Peis Pioneer Woman, pied a pie recipe for Inexpensive pies occasion! From classics, like apple pie, to fun new desserts, like pes brownie pie—even Ree Inespensive will admit, "it's Pocket-friendly food deals to choose a favorite. Pids other times of Inexpensiv, she likes to whip up key lime pie or a simple chocolate pie for her hubby Ladd. If you're looking for a pie recipe, this list has them all: fruit piessummertime no-bake piesholiday and Thanksgiving piesand pies to make for any bake sale. To kick things off, you can choose from Ree's perfect pie crust recipe, a press-in cookie crust, all-butter pie crustor puff pastry. And when all else fails, just pick up a store-bought crust.

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