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Sample premium outdoor gear for free

Sample premium outdoor gear for free

carabiner rock climbing harness. Plus, holding Sample dental care supplies pot using a multitool is pgemium at best, especially freee full. Ausstattung für Wandern. Backcountry allows you to calculate international shipping costs by adding the product to your cart then entering the shipping address you are not obligated to buy at this point. Sample premium outdoor gear for free

Sample premium outdoor gear for free -

Think of ReRouted like Poshmark, but specifically for outdoor gear! Outdoor Gear Exchange is an east coast-based company but their online consignment shop is available for outdoor lovers nationwide! If you are looking to sell your gear for money, they have very clear instructions on what they are looking for, how to mail in your items, and what exactly they accept.

GearTrade is one of the most popular online outdoor gear consignment sites, started all the way back in ! Everything is sold by the owner, kind of like, eBay or Poshmark. If you are looking for something specific, keep checking back here because you never know what might pop up!

Are you an influencer, publisher, part of the media, or professional athlete? Maybe you work for an outdoor-related company or a non-profit. All of these jobs and more could qualify for pro deals! Depending on who you work for, you might be able to snag a sweet discount on outdoor gear and supplies.

If you are an athlete, publisher, part of the media, or more, you might be able to qualify for pro deals! Pro deals are a great way to get discount outdoor gear. The reason to give pro deals to these influential people is for brands to be seen in their hands, written about, or reviewed by field experts.

We occasionally use our own pro deals as publishers to review products to better share great gear with you! Here are some pro deal websites to consider:.

Outdoor Prolink : Connects brands with the gear that matters. GuideFitter : Matches the pros with brand pro deal programs that fit their expertise. Expert Voice : Offers publishers and outdoor industry leaders deep discounts on gear. So what if you have NO money to spend? Depending on where you live and your access to services, there are quite a few clever ways to get outdoor gear for free.

Here are some of our favorite tricks:. If you end up ruining their item out on the trail, make sure you have the means to replace it for them too. A gear library is pretty straightforward — instead of checking out and returning books, you check out and return outdoor gear!

You can find these programs in nearly every state, but you almost always need to be a program member to enjoy gear library access. Certain gear libraries cater to certain groups like youth, people of color, women, beginners, and more. Spend some time browsing online for gear libraries near you to find a program to participate in!

Washington Trails Association has a gear library for their Outdoor Leadership members. Wild Diversity in Portland provides its community members with access to their gear library. They use it to provide camping gear to people who are going on group trips, often for their first outdoor getaway!

Want to start your own Gear Lending library with your friends or community? Here are some things to think about when building your own community gear library:. If you live in the PNW and are a University of Washington student , you can use their Gear Garage Rental Center.

Gear shops like REI often have rental programs offering gear for camping and hiking, climbing, cycling, paddling, snow sports, and even car racks. Another perk of renting gear? Some items we have rented in the past have been snow shoes, skis, and bikes. These high-ticket items may not be worth a splurge right now.

Renting them is an inexpensive way to try out the sport, to see if you want to invest further in the future! Other online websites that offer rentals: Outdoors Geek , Xscape Pod , and LowerGear Outdoors.

If you are buying cheap camping gear from a resale site and meeting the seller for pickup, there are a few things to consider — to protect yourself and your investment.

Here are some tips for shopping for cheap hiking gear:. High-tech gear is generally expensive because they often serve just a single purpose. Mountaineers who take overnight trips in the alpine can use that to stay warm enough at night to survive.

That ultralight tent that weighs less than a pound? In fact, you may already have everything you need for your first, short trip to the outdoors. That can come later as you plan longer, harder, more technical hikes.

The most important thing is that you enjoy being outside! In addition, keep an eye out for end-of-season sales. So, winter gear will often go on sale during the summer and vice versa. There is often a surplus of discount outdoor gear at the end of the season to make room for new products, so you can snatch items are a great price.

Traveling with camera gear? Study up on these essential camera accessories for travel photography, and keep an eye out for future sales! Outdoor gear is designed to be tough and long-lasting…if you treat it well. This will help you use your gear for years before needing to replace it.

The House is an excellent place to get some skies, snowboards, and some winter outdoor clothing. Their site is known for winter sports but can be on the pricier side. But if you click on the Outlet tab, you can find good deals on winter equipment!

Gear Trade is like the Craigslist of outdoor gear. You can buy all types of outdoor gear at a reasonable price.

You can also make some extra cash and sell some of your gear yourself! it is a great place to save some significant money. Facebook is a great place to find gear at a great price. You can either use Facebook Marketplace or join local Facebook groups specific to selling outdoor gear. Of course, using Facebook to buy gear has no guarantee on the quality of the product, and you can not return.

So you have to be cautious. Backcountry is probably the second most popular outdoor brand out there. If REI does not have what I want, I go to Backcountry to see if they have the item.

They tend always to follow REI when it comes to sales, so if REI has a sale, so does Backcountry. They have a page made explicitly for sales on the top menu shown in the picture above , so I would check that out.

Walmart acquired Moosejaw, and now it is probably the third most popular outdoor retail shop. They tend to have sales whenever Backcountry and REI do, and they have an excellent rewards program. When you shop with them, you can earn Moosejaw Reward Dollars on every purchase, which can then be used to purchase gear and clothing at discounted prices.

This is such a fantastic deal! They also have a tab at the top menu that showcases the items that are on sale at the moment. So Active Junky is not a retail store but more of a website for getting cash back.

If you click on any of the links on the website and then purchase something, you will get money deposited into your bank account. I have done this for years but on other websites. The main negative is that REI, is not on the list of stores.

But, it is still a great way to earn some money while you shop. CampSaver is a fantastic outdoor retail store with many sales throughout the year. I like how they highlight what items are on sale on the home page. Especially because they emphasize some pricy but high-quality items that are on sale.

I am all about getting high-quality gear at a big discount. If you want an even more significant deal check out their outlet shop. Sierra is a retail store owned by the same companies as TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and Home Goods.

I will warn you to be wary of buying anything in that tab as there are many items I have never heard of. I love buying high-quality outdoor items that will last me for years, and some of those items on this website might not.

I still see a few quality items, so make sure to look around for yourself. Thanks for reading all about the best places to find discount camping gear.

Make sure to check out some more tips on outdoor gear here:. Subscribe to have posts delivered straight to your inbox!! PLUS, get my FREE backpacking checklist! Make a vapor barrier. Collect rain water. Make a backpack.

Cover the entire toilet in the heavy duty trash bag, slash an X over the bowl, and do your thing without touching anything gross. Search Search. Truth is, there was never a time when expensive outdoor gear didn't exist.

Rose tinted glasses and all that, but it's still nice to keep playing outside as simple as possible. Gear Camping One-Mile Challenge Totally Free, Genuinely Useful Camping Gear Just please don't call them hacks.

Wes Siler Originally Published Aug 29, Updated May 12, btn, a. Set a Bear Alarm with Your Camp Cup Tie your metal camping cup next to your carabiner when you hang your bear bag at night. Purify Water with Bleach Instead of buying an expensive filter, bring along a little pill bottle or something similar filled with unscented household bleach.

Make a Camp Stove Out of a Catfood Can I learned this trick years ago from Andrew Skurka, and now use it as my primary backpacking stove.

Old Pliers Make Great Pot Handles The pliers on a multitool are mounted straight out of the handle, meaning you need to put your hand directly over the stove or fire to use them as a pot handle. SmartWater Makes the Best Water Bottles The tall, narrow shape, and strong construction of SmartWater bottles makes them ideal for backpacking.

No Can Opener Necessary I stole this one from my favorite survival writer, Cody Lundin. The Many Uses of a Contractor Bag Pack out your trash.

Pgemium by image. We Sample dental care supplies more than , assets on Shutterstock. com as of November 30, Our Brands. All images. Clothing and Accessories. Gdar out the door? Read this article on the Outside app fro now on premum devices for members! These are Sample premium outdoor gear for free useful upgrades you can make to your Car maintenance product samples camping setup, without spending fro money whatsoever. Tie your metal camping discounted grocery items next to your carabiner when you hang your bear bag at night. Instead of buying an expensive filter, bring along a little pill bottle or something similar filled with unscented household bleach. I learned this trick years ago from Andrew Skurka, and now use it as my primary backpacking stove. The pliers on a multitool are mounted straight out of the handle, meaning you need to put your hand directly over the stove or fire to use them as a pot handle.

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