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Free vacation deals

Free vacation deals

To: Reals Ricafuente, I Free vacation deals love to get Craft sample box information Free vacation deals that offer. EXTRA FEE Frwe EXTRA PEOPLE OR EXTRA NIGHTS: Every program has a set number seals nights vqcation guests that are included. One great credit card signup bonus could earn enough for a free week at a hotel or better yet an international flight. christina says:. Travel Here's how to avoid extra charges and make sure you don't get stuck paying for amenities that you don't use. Never buy plane tickets until your trip is confirmed by our booking service.

Free vacation deals -

See what fits for you and your family! Build a relationship with us and we will do our best to make all your travel wishes happen. Remember to give us plenty of notice of your upcoming travels. The more notice you give us the better. PROBLEMS ARISE WHEN: Where this falls apart is when consumers want a specific resort or set of dates.

When you give us lots of advanced notice like plus days there should not be an issue. The more flexible you are and the more notice you give the better. OUT OF THE COUNTRY: If you are traveling out of the country, consider your own trip insurance to cover your plane tickets, health related issues, and make sure every traveler has a passport including every child including babies!

Never buy plane tickets until your trip is confirmed by our booking service. NO CHARGE BACKS: These are promotional trips and there is no refund. If you follow these basic rules you will be fine. You MUST do a recorded call which is our verification call and you will state that you understand these conditions for use.

RECORDED LINE PROTECTS YOU: On a recorded line everything you have been promised will be listed and some these basic terms will be covered. You will acknowledge that you give up your right to a chargeback or refund and that these are vacation promotions with terms that you MUST meet.

You will on the same recorded call state your names for the record and accept or deny our trip protection. The thought of escaping to a beautiful resort or exploring an exciting destination without having to pay a dime can be incredibly enticing.

Many companies advertise timeshare vacation packages as completely free, luring potential travelers with the prospect of a dream getaway at no cost. These packages can come in various forms, including complimentary hotel stays, amusement park tickets, or even all-inclusive trips to popular destinations.

These conditions often involve attending a timeshare presentation or meeting other eligibility requirements. One common hook found in many timeshare vacation packages is the requirement of a refundable deposit to secure your trip or reservation. The deposit may be presented as a guarantee that you will attend a timeshare presentation or fulfill other obligations.

Understanding the Catch. Companies often use the allure of a free vacation as a marketing strategy to attract potential buyers. Finding Value in Promotional Offers. Despite the potential drawbacks, timeshare vacation packages can still offer value to those who are open to the experience.

Attending a timeshare presentation can provide valuable insights into vacation ownership opportunities and may offer access to discounted accommodations, exclusive perks, or additional vacation benefits.

derek says:. Teoy says:. Patricia says:. Please send me information on available offers and destinations. Carol Smith says:. Mike dugan says:. Emmanuel says:. Sania says:. Bobbie MULLINS says:. Me says:. Antrynette says:.

Loretta M Young says:. diana says:. PEENAL SHAH says:. Misty Rogers says:. Sachie, I handle Festiva Resorts in Orlando and would love to help you. Marion Kelly says:. emmett wheeler says:. Emmett wheeler want come Vegas October 23 ,24 looking for great deal.

carlos says:. diane says:. Patricia Howard says:. Please send me information on available offers and detinations. tashyne says:. Melanie Rohricht says:. Blair Martinez says:. Danielle says:. Bonita baity says:. Hi, I am instructed in Las Vegas Vacation. Me and my wife are planning for a vacation.

Tina Marie Ruble says:. John Dugan says:. a says:. Larry says:. Walker says:. robert wilcox says:. john suhar says:. laura says:. lorraine perks says:. Hernan Navarro says:. Cabo Mexico 5night 6day all inclusive, 2 adults and 2 children 12 under Located in the heart of town resort. Regular package price: 1, US Private Residence Club presentation price: US No airfare included.

Qualifications apply hernannavarro1 gmail. Wendy huang says:. I am interested in Cabo Mexico presentation. Please e-mail me. Willie Brown says:. I am very interested in a promotion to Orlando, is travel included? charlene roebuck says:. Crystal says:.

Julie McKee says:. Nicole says:. jack lee says:. Jennifer Lau says:. Thanks in advance. Please send me information on all available offers and destinations. Shantay says:.

Kari says:. Brenda says:. My husband and I are in Vegas now and interested in a presentation. Please send information. Hi, I am interested in Las Vegas Vacation. John says:. Hello, Interested in Cancun timeshare presentation for mid-February. Laura Bruce says:. Laura R says:.

Paty says:. Christina says:. Paul says:. todd says:. Jake says:. Ambrosia says:. Jake, I want to do exactly what you did. Who did you speak with and where?

Ross says:. Temo says:. JENNIFER says:. anatoliy says:. A says:. It is right behind the hilton AT the end of the mall, there is a Wyndham Desk and If your walking by, they will call you thats what happend to me.

Jasmine says:. Travel Is Free says:. Erik — Thanks I added that tip in the post. Carry says:. Jodie Cordell says:. Raquel says:. David says:. Bob says:. Darren says:. Iris says:. Looking for a timeshare in New Hampshire, Maine or Cape Cod for August or August David Jauchen says:.

I would like to receive offers for time share presentations in California. Top3Travel Destinations says:. I have great offers, freetravel gmail.

do you still have offers available? I am looking to book a trip to cancun? Lin Ronald says:. I have Omni Hotel on the beach in Cancun. Everyone seems to love it. Nekeisha Johnson says:. Do you have a email Lin? honsheka says:. Alisha Perkins says:. Luisa Santos says:.

i am interested in that Omni Hotel deal. Family of 6 2 adults, 4 kids. jodi says:. raul says:. Laquitta Walker says:. mel says:. Laticia Frost says:.

Raymond says:. Cassandra says:. Google Las Vegas timeshare promotions. I did and they have quite a bit. Patricia Fancher says:.

Joanne says:. charles crider says:. Jacklynn says:. Hi Jacklyn, please send me information on all available offers and destinations. urooj says:. Pnina says:. Joe Johnson says:. Bethany says:. Jen says:. carlos f says:. would like info on the orlando timeshare presentation looking for a 5 nt stay.

naysha clark says:. Erica Jenise says:. Theresa says:. Lisa Casteel says:. Timeca says:. Timeca Bryant says:. HASHEM says:.

HEY, PLEASE SEND ME THE WEBSITE OR PHONE i WOULD LIKE TO GO TO ORLANDO. MWieber says:. P Bopray says:. Gonzalez says:. Monique W says:. christina says:. Linda says:. Dee says:. Can ou please send me vacation packages for Vegas Aug ? Faiza says:.

katrice kelsey-ammons says:. Looking for orlando, Myrtle beach, or las vegas trips. Please reply. cassandra woods says:. Sedarius Dennis says:. Nicki says:. soliver says:. Jeff J says:. Top3Travel Destinations: please send info for Vegas. Thanks, Jeff. Sabrina says:. US says:.

Please email me at Katrina. Abby says:. Could you please send me the information on the time share presentation on any destination. Shanika says:.

lilian says:. Alicia sabalza says:. I need the presentation for Vegas can you please send it to me thank you. Shane messere says:. Tina dalton says:. Interested Lcknipe yahoo. rita gribbins says:. Jessica says:. Tia C says:. Jihn says:.

Family is everything says:. Please send information on available offers and destinations. Urooj khan says:. Antrynette gmail. com can you please send me info? Nek says:.

Please email me more information…are there any availability for Christmas…. Greg says:. Donald Corliss says:. Hi Top3Travel Destinations, I am interested in something in the San Francisco area.

Audrey says:. Could you give me the information? michele simmons says:. Tks, M. Stuart Grunert says:. would love to know more about the 4 days in vegas, im going there next month, thanks.

margurite king says:. Trenna Earnest says:. can you provide me with details on visiting time share promotions please? tee says:. julio says:. Shantell says:. I would love to hear about this package.

Please email me the details to visit Orlando. kristina says:. Jeff says:. Hi Joe, Could you please email me info to Katrina. Hortencia says:. B says:. laquana says:. cissy kerrigan says:.

Interested in vegas or Orlando deal you mentioned for late March first week of April. Matikka Spencer-Henry says:. Sandra Philoche says:. Alan grainger says:. Andy Shuman Lazy Travelers says:. debra says:.

Ron says:. Jesse says:. Jennifer Williams says:. Kim Bentley says:. Vijay Gurajala says:. Natalie Wilden says:. Beverly says:.

Sasha Collins says:. Jennifer G says:. Erick says:. Tonya says:. Andrew says:. If any promotions are available, please email me. Virginia Rios says:. HANNAH WOLFGANG says:. colette says:. ashleyhager says:. looking for a presentation in fl preferably Jacksonville or somewhere close please and thank you.

Lizbeth Gutierrez says:. Izabela says:. Ill be happy to help anyone who would like to take advantage of them. Dede says:. Also when your in Cancun or Playa Del Carmen stop by my office on 5th ave for your tours. Luisa S says:. Karen says:. Thomas Bowman Jr says:.

Anthony Casella says:. Thomas says:. Alicia says:. Vannesa says:. annette brown says:. Hi, Please send me information on the packages. Deborah says:. Sam says:. Ariann says:. Jon from Presentation Scheduling says:. Email Laquanaw yahoo. Hi Jon, I will be traveling to Vegas later this year.

Shi says:. Overall, I enjoyed it all. Please send info to sandraphiloche ymail. Dahlia says:. Melissa says:.

I would like to go to a presentation in Vegas and stay for free while we do the presentation!! Toney Poucy says:. I would really like to take my wife to Las Vegas for our anniversary. Corrisa says:. ellen says:. Corrisa, I have purchased a vacation plan in Mexico that I would like to sell.

Any suggestions? Lorrie says:. Looking for a time share presentation in Disneyland! Within a month!! Thank you!! gary says:. J from timeshare resorts says:. I am interested, please email me and let me know how can I get a timeshare in SF? Rebecca Laudermilk says:.

Jennifer B. Dawn says:. tamira says:. i want to travel to myrtle beach on julyjuly my phone is Tommy says:. kimmychon says:. what is your name or member number please? i am interested in checking out your va resort.

Amanda says:. Lisa Owens says:. Tim says:. Not a lot of locations to choose from, but gives you all what you want. Traci says:. I am looking for a timeshare presentation in orlando. Can anybody give me some info please. Magan says:.

WYNN WELCH says:. Summer Smith says:. janice webb says:. vacationsLA outlook. Michael says:. michaelfg76 gmail. NIda says:.

audrey fagan says:. ayanna says:. nick Henderson says:. zaona says:. pamela powell says:. Venetta Hudson says:. Cynthia ODell says:. Renecia says:. tara says:. Send me timeshares info please. stokes ymail.

Tammy says:. Hansi says:. i am looking for timeshare presentations in the Virginia area that offer free night stays. Timeshare presentation says:. Peter says:. I am interested in timeshares, please call Stop Calling Me says:. Vacays and Stays says:. Marlo says:.

Do they have any In Los Angels to go and get paid to see a timeshare. willie brown says:. Cheryl Wilder says:. Interested in Disney, New Orleans, Branson, MO and other information you can provide.

mareebre says:. TONI MARTINEZ says:. JEAN MEREAU says:. Steve says:. Jay Gonzales says:. Anyone near. in Las Vegas Nevada please contact me at JayGonzalesTravel gmail.

tIM says:. It had two beautiful outdoor pools, one that was zero-entry with a water slide and another for adults only. They had a kids activity centre and some organized activities throughout the day.

There was also a basketball court, tennis court, and outdoor playground for the kids. The suite itself was spacious, modern and clean with a full kitchen and an in-suite washer and dryer.

We attended the timeshare presentation on the second day. It was located at the Parc Soleil, which made it convenient. At check-in, they ask for your ID and credit card, then invite you to enjoy snacks and non-alcoholic drinks while you wait for your sales representative. Since it was our first timeshare presentation experience, we did not know what to expect.

They started off with some general questions about our travel habits and destinations we wanted to visit, and then went onto discuss how HGV could make it all happen at a fraction of the cost. Once the sales representative realized we actually had some interest, he turned the pressure on.

He would show us how he had booked various destinations at fantastic rates and began negotiating on the amount of initial investment required to purchase, while offering additional Hilton Honors points to sweeten the deal.

Each time we declined, he would go back to his manager and come back with a better deal. This went on for a bit until he finally came back with what seemed to be a decent offer at the time, and we actually signed the papers and walked out with a timeshare after the two and half hours.

Suffice to say, purchasing a time share was not our initial game plan. Luckily for us, there is a cooling-off period built into the contracts, whereby you have 10 days to rescind a timeshare purchase agreement. The staff were very kind about it and it was an easy enough process, but lesson learned: do not show any interest in a timeshare if you are in it only for the cheap accommodations.

A year later, my husband had a conference in Chicago at the Hilton. HGV had set up a booth in the lobby, where they offered everyone 1, Hilton Honors points just for listening to what they had to offer. Jon took them up on the offer, and this time he was offered packages to either New York City, Las Vegas, Myrtle Beach, or Orlando.

Now, you might be wondering: how often you can purchase a timeshare presentation package? We were just over a year since our first package, so we bought another, back to Orlando. That sealed the deal for us. This time, we chose to stay at the Tuscany Village, located about 15 minutes from Disney once again.

The décor was a bit more dated, but it still had an outdoor playground and a few pools that would satisfy most young kids. I enjoyed the fact that it was right beside the Orlando Vineland Premium Outlets, which meant some retail therapy for me between theme park days.

They also had a paid shuttle going to the amusement parks, but once again, the times were limited. Our presentation was back at the Parc Soleil. This was working well for us initially, and at the one-hour mark the agent was pretty much finishing up.

As we were just about to leave, he advised us that his manager had one last offer for us, which got us our third package…. The manager came out and offered us a trial membership to the HGV program. Now this was different. If it were any other destination, we would have left it.

After looking at the current rates for Hawaii for a Hilton property in Honolulu for March Break, we came to see that it was a great deal. Keep in mind that these are rates for two adults and two children. The fact that we could book a two-bedroom suite was a big selling point for us.

HGV has quite a few properties in Hawaii, with the Grand Islander by HGV being one of the newer ones. We booked at the Grand Islander for four nights in Honolulu over March Break.

That leaves us with three nights remaining, which we could have used to extend reservation to seven nights…. We originally purchased our Marriott Vacation Club Preview Package back in After numerous delays and postponements due to the COVID pandemic, we finally enjoyed our stay in March We rescheduled our timeshare presentation after our arrival, and there were no issues with moving it to a different day.

When it came time for the actual presentation, it took place in a cubicle in their outdoor Sales Centre. We wound up going over the minute allotment, and spent closer to two hours there. I was genuinely interested in the program, so it was more my fault than theirs.

Marriott Vacation Club uses a points-based system. To put things into perspective, a one-bedroom villa in Maui at peak season could cost up to 4, points per week. As we had an exit interview, another sales agent came in to offer us yet another timeshare presentation package.

Timeshare presentations are a great option in areas where points redemptions are either not worth it e. It does require a small time commitment and perhaps a bit of finesse in talking down a sales representative, but in my mind, the savings are definitely worth it.

Thanks for the article Amy. I was attempting to book an Orlando offer in my Hilton App yesterday but they only permit USA addresses. Do you know of a way to get the same offers advertised on the App? We are common law marriage different last names.

Can we just show 1 ID card? When you sign up for the package they will usually ask if you are married, etc. If so, they will ask for your partners name.

Hi Amy, thanks for the article and love the family-geared content! When I click through the link for the current HGV Hawaii offer and put in my zip code, I get a message basically telling me this offer is not available to me.

Any idea why? My family has an Embarc timeshare bought maybe 20 years ago… from our experience… currently there is not enough money and points in the world to suffer the presentation. Long story but about 8 years ago, had to lawyer up to deal with them.

The general range of vacatoin terms Free vacation deals Reduced food bills below. These vacatioj are designed to sell you Free vacation deals form of vacatiin ownership for future travel and not just give you a discounted trip. AGE RANGE: 25 to 70 years old. The best range is 30 to TYPE OF TRAVELER: Couples that are married or that have matching addresses EXPLAIN are the prime prospects. Married couples fit into almost all programs. Last vavation on November 7th, at am. Free vacation deals there, fellow wanderlust Free vacation deals For those of us on a tight budget, meal prep discounts idea of a free vacaton might sound like Free vacation deals fantasy straight facation of a fairy tale. So, fasten your seatbelts and get ready to embark on this budget-friendly journey! The allure of a vacation is certainly undeniable — the thought of escaping the daily grind, exploring new horizons, and creating cherished memories. You need not worry, though. Online contests and giveaways have become a popular way for travel companies and enthusiasts to share the joy of exploration. Free vacation deals

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