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Frugal drink prices

Frugal drink prices

Budget-friendly food combinations Budget-Friendly Shellfish Options. Skipping few shots — One of the best tricks to Frugal drink prices money when you Frugak out in Frugall bar with friends is to skip few shots and drink ice cold water instead. Tequila Sunrise. The original serves as inspiration for a variety of other shandy recipes. I wait for the BOGO sales on bags of grounds and stock up on our favorite brand and flavors.

Frugal drink prices -

As the weather turns chilly, hot chocolate is a favorite. Yet the pouches disappear faster than I can buy them. I discovered a giant, family-size canister in the oversized aisle for less than half per serving than the individual packets.

There is a convenient scoop included, so it is still easy to measure the right amount. The last time I counted, there were seventeen varieties at my local store. It is actually cheaper to buy the pre-sweetened kind since it is all too easy to add too much sugar.

It seems the coffee section in our grocery store keeps getting longer. There are so many choices, and some of us are very particular about our coffee consumption. However, if you want to save, you might need to make some concessions. I tend to find more coupons for instant rather than beans, grounds or pods and usually spend the least when buying instant.

I wait for the BOGO sales on bags of grounds and stock up on our favorite brand and flavors. If I run out, I buy whatever brand is on sale to get us by.

However, once I add a flavored creamer, of which I also buy whatever is on sale, I cannot much taste the difference between coffee brands.

Last but not least, nothing beats good old water. You leave it in the fridge so it is nice and cold. You can also install a filter directly on your faucet. These are some different ways to save money on beverages.

Young or old, we all need to stay hydrated. How you choose to do it can save a bundle on your budget. Wouldn't you like to be a Stretcher too? Subscribe to get our money-saving content twice per week by email and start living better for less.

Simple Beverage Savings That Can Reduce the Grocery Budget. by Chantal King. Milk Milk prices are enough to make even the cows bellow. Juice Frozen concentrated juice is typically much cheaper than fruit punch, and it is very convenient.

Sign Up for Savings Subscribe to get money-saving content by email that can help you stretch your dollars further. Sports Drinks Gatorade is another favorite but spendy drink.

Soda Canned soda pop can deflate your budget. Hot Chocolate As the weather turns chilly, hot chocolate is a favorite. Thank you for sharing! Would you maybe consider sushi as your next price comparison? Just a thought! Love your blog! I did a price-comparison for myself a few years back when I lived in MN, and decided since sushi wasn't something we eat all that regularly, we'd just pay for the experience.

I used to really like a cherry flavored chia kombucha made by GT--they stopped making it. I tried making my own I made my own cherry Kombucha but didn't know how to get the chia seeds right as your method shows. Meanwhile, I found out I'm sensitive to plant phytoestrogens.

I was eating a flax seed muffin daily as a breakfast bread substitute and started bleeding--very heavily for 8 weeks. My doctor said it was "just menopause" after a certain age, everything is chalked up to "just menopause"--rolling eyes emoji here!

but the bleeding was scary heavy, and I became anemic. Google finally told me the reason was my daily flax, and the bleeding stopped within 48 hours of my last flax muffin. Chia, like flax, is high in phytoestrogens.

I don't think you have to avoid chia and other plant phytoestrogens entirely, but do consider that maybe daily consumption is not a good idea. I definitely don't eat chia seeds every day, and I agree with the point in the linked article about how chia seeds are not some kind of health savior.

I tend to think the best idea is to eat a wide variety of foods rather than trying to eat crazy amounts of "superfoods". If I get plenty of variety, I figure I should have my bases covered.

These are so informative, Kristen—thanks! The one thing I always make at home is salad dressings—all of the kinds. I do the price-it-out thing with my work lunches. Lean Cuisine hasn't come up with anything to beat my complete meals for 92 cents each yet.

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