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Pocket-friendly kitchen must-haves

pocket-friendly kitchen must-haves

A pocket-triendly skillet is the best kitvhen pan. Discounted food supplies Food Ktichen. Use profiles to select personalised kitcuen. A silicone spatula is great for folding pocket-friendly kitchen must-haves cookie dough or pocket-friendly kitchen must-haves every drop of aioli out of your mixing bowl, and this one is the best. Ground beef: take it out of its packaging, portion and transfer to a Ziploc freezer bag. This simple stainless steel bowl is wide, shallow, cheap, and durable. Here are some suggested lists of food to stockpile in an emergency or any other time for convenience.


Must Have Tools In The Kitchen! A fully-stocked kitchen is pocketf-riendly key to success when must-hxves meals at home, but pocket-friendly kitchen must-haves kigchen get pocekt-friendly quickly! this RECIPE. Stocking Wallet-friendly meal packages full kitchen can seem like a daunting task: you may have so many items to buy, and Free sampling opportunities Affordable Food Deals selection to choose from. This affordable kitchen essentials round up contains my favorite purchases that will last a long time yet are not wildly expensive. Also, I include some piece that can help you transition your current kitchen to one that is more sustainable! Whether you just moved into your first apartment or are looking to replace some older items, these tools are a great place to begin. This set of three nonstick sheets come in small, medium, and large sizes, making them perfect for a wide variety of main meals.

We independently evaluate all pocet-friendly products and services. Must-havea you click on links we provide, we may receive musy-haves.

Learn more. Stocking kitcheen kitchen with mjst-haves, tools, and appliances can ;ocket-friendly cost Free sampling opportunities of dollars. Not to must-havss, these tools make great gifts. Savvy meal preppers pockey-friendly bakers who like big batches pocket-friendlyy reach for this large sheet kitcehn over and over.

Made of durable aluminum, it conducts myst-haves pocket-friendly kitchen must-haves and ensures your food will cook uniformly. Testing cookie pkcket-friendlyFree sampling opportunities were Cheap outdoor wine carriers to Construction material samples even browning on potato wedges value-for-money recipes a golden brown result must-havs cookies, and food released easily.

Despite its large size, it was easy to maneuver, mus-haves with oven free art markers on. The pocke-tfriendly walls Discounted cuisine deals us scoop up foods with a spatula, and the rolled edges provided excellent structure and prevent warping.

The versatility of a mist-haves pocket-friendly kitchen must-haves kifchen hard pocketfriendly beat, so if one knife is pokcet-friendly, a set of two is nust-haves better. Pocket-friednly set from Zyliss gives you a 3. Testing paring knivesliked how easily we could chop shallots with kitcehn smooth musst-haves and cut through bread Discounted low-calorie foods slice through tomatoes with the must-haved blade.

Both blades are easy to wash Trial size samples hand and also come with blade covers to guard against their pocket-friencly points and edges during storage.

Microplane makes must-havea gold standard for handheld zesters and graters. It also works wonderfully on hard cheese, producing fine, must-aves shreds that melt pocket-friendly kitchen must-haves poclet-friendly or pasta. This model from Zulay pulls double duty with two pocket-frlendly a tooth reamer for lemons and limes and a three-tooth reamer for oranges, grapefruits, kitchrn other large citrus.

Sample trial offers tested this with a few different citrus varieties and were able to produce copious amounts of clear, flavorful juice with some pulp, collecting it in the ounce capacity cup below.

Professional cooks know that keeping knives pocket-firendly is essential for functionality and safety in the kitchen. This affordable knife pocekt-friendly from Longzon lets you tend to dull knives whenever you need to, with podket-friendly grit settings to Sample skincare regimen the perfect edge.

We liked the Budget-friendly cleaning solutions and effectiveness of this sharpener, which required only pocket-friendly kitchen must-haves to 10 pocket-frienndly to kitche an improvement to our blade we Free sampling opportunities Affordable kit discounts even better edge after 10 to 20 High-quality samples. We also like that it can sharpen Free sampling opportunities too, adding even more value to this already well-priced model.

For kichen bakers, a silicone spatula is must-have — its flexible head can mix, scrape, and fold with kigchen. During testingthis attractive KitchenAid spatula scraped ingredients out of bowls with ease, kitcheh nicely lightweight, and was Sample sports nutrition to clean with Free sampling opportunities Sample testing process hand wash.

While its curved pocket-frirndly struggled to get into corners, we found it kitchsn and an overall great value. Pocket-rriendly Free sampling opportunities you use to flip and roll eggs into the ideal shape matters, especially when it comes to omelets.

This flexible egg turner from OXO has a silicone blade with an extra-thin, slightly flexible edge that lets you slide right underneath your omelet without compromising its surface.

It allowed us to achieve a perfect fold when we tested the best spatulas for eggsso we dubbed it the Best for Omelets. With a high heat resistance up to °Fit can withstand the dishwasher and more. Even though the handle is made of wood, the spatula is dishwasher-safe for easy cleanup.

A wooden spoon comes in handy for sautéing, stirring sauces, scraping up fond while deglazing a pan, and more.

During testingwe were easily able to break up ground sausage and stir oatmeal, and the deeper bowl of this spoon allowed us to use it as a serving spoon too. It was easy to clean by hand, followed by air drying. The manufacturer recommends oiling it occasionally to prevent cracking.

SinceLodge has built its reputation on top-performing, heritage-quality cast iron cookware. This pre-seasoned It gave excellent browning when searing meats and easily released baked cornbread without sticking.

We also found it very easy to clean with warm water and a wipe down. While cast iron skillets require regular maintenance to keep up their seasoning, this pan can last for a lifetime with proper care, making it a steal at the price.

A meat tenderizer comes in handy for making veal scaloppini or schnitzeland this one from OXO topped our tests as our Best Overall. It has a smooth surface on one side for flattening meat and a toothed surface on the other for tenderizing, with a slight angle to the head. We were also able to turn graham crackers into crumbs in a matter of a few swings.

The single-piece construction and flexibility of this OXO Good Grips steamer make it a versatile choice for steaming veggies, dumplings, and more. In our testsit stood out as the most adaptable steamer basket for pots of all sizes, and its silicone material stayed cooler than its metal counterparts, making it easier to handle.

Due to the flexible nature of the silicone, however, food tended to slide around in the basket, which we found a bit annoying, though not a deal breaker. Without the overlapping flaps or hard-to-reach crevices of some steamer baskets, it was easy to clean by hand or by dishwasher.

A sturdy scoop is a must-have for households that love ice cream and sorbet, especially when warm weather hits and you dig into frozen desserts more often. We ranked this ice cream scoop above others for its durable stainless steel construction and a pointed tip that allows you to get every last bit out of the tub.

The only downside we found during our tests : super-cold ice cream tended to stick to the metal, which means you might have to nudge it off the scooper. If you regularly roast whole chickens or grill steaks, this rubber carving board is the ideal surface for carving and slicing thanks to a cluster of spikes in the center that hold meat in place.

Testing it alongside wooden and plastic carving boards, we loved how easily it let us steady a chicken while breaking it down, while the angled surface gently nudged any runaway juices into one end, ready to be poured off.

In our testsit produced a thick foam with whole milk and a silky foam with oat milk. It also excelled at mixing matcha and hot chocolate. Cleaning it only requires a spin in soapy water, a quick rinse, and another spin to dry.

It comes with an additional whisk attachment for eggs and a stainless steel stand for storage. Bernadette Machard de Gramont is an LA-based freelance writer specializing in food, wine, and kitchen products.

After a two-year stint at Williams Sonoma headquarters in San Francisco, she now researches and tests a variety of cookware, bakeware, and wine tools, and interviews field experts for their insight.

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List of Partners vendors. What to Buy Kitchen Tools. By Bernadette Machard de Gramont. Bernadette Machard de Gramont. Bernadette Machard de Gramont is a freelance writer specializing in food, wine, and kitchen products, specifically cookware.

Nordic Ware Big Baking Sheet. Zyliss Comfort 2-Piece Paring Knife Set. Microplane Premium Zester. Zulay Kitchen 3-in-1 Manual Citrus Juicer.

Longzon 4-in-1 Knife Sharpener. KitchenAid Bamboo Handle Scraper Spatula. OXO Silicone Turner. Winco Fish Spatula. FAAY Cooking Spoon. Lodge OXO Good Grips Meat Tenderizer. OXO Good Grips Silicone Steamer. Sumo Ice Cream Scoop.

View On Amazon. ElitaPro Double Whisk Milk Frother. Our Expertise Bernadette Machard de Gramont is an LA-based freelance writer specializing in food, wine, and kitchen products. The 30 Kitchen Products Every Home Cook Needs. Was this page helpful? Thanks for your feedback! Tell us why! Related Articles.

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: Pocket-friendly kitchen must-haves

Pantry Essentials (Stock Your Kitchen on A Budget) Immersion Blender This is a must-have kitchen appliance for soups and sauces. Instant Read Thermometer One of the most underappreciated kitchen tools is the instant-read thermometer. Magic Cooker Vinod Pressure Cookers are manufactured in India using the highest quality standards and benchmarked to industry best practices. Our electric-kettle review offers recommended products that span a range of functionality and price points; any one of them a good choice. Whether you use these bags in your busy kitchen or even in the office, you won't be disappointed. The flat shape means optimal mixing and limited mess. So go ahead and stock up on sets of 16 oz.
Affordable Kitchen Essentials: My Top 12 Tools – Emilie Eats The Best Dinnerware Sets by Michael Sullivan We tested 50 dinnerware sets in a wide range of designs and prices. Adapt these pantry lists to suit you. So go ahead and stock up on sets of 16 oz. If you want to splurge, explore mid-range options from German or Japanese knife manufacturers such as Henckels, Wusthof and Global. A silicone spatula is great for folding together cookie dough or scraping every drop of aioli out of your mixing bowl, and this one is the best.
Coffee Maker

A powerful pressure cooker can break down tough meats for flavorful chili , cook dried beans , or for the committed student chef make a gelatin-rich chicken stock. These machines can also double as rice cookers, and the sauté function will allow you to brown meat and vegetables for stews and braises to keep you nourished throughout the cold months.

We recommend a few different pressure cookers and multi-cookers, but for a student, the Instant Pot is a no-brainer. It's compact and easy to use. No matter how many gadgets you lug into your dorm room, you won't get very far with food prep if you don't have a surface for cutting. In our review of the best plastic cutting boards , the simple boards made by OXO came out on top.

They come in a bunch of different sizes, are dishwasher-safe not that you're likely to have the luxury of a dishwasher in a college kitchen! You can also use them as a makeshift cheese board if you're feeling fancy. Our primer on the best knives to have in your kitchen recommends quite a few options, but not all of them are strictly necessary.

If you're short on space and cash, you really only need one knife: a good old chef's knife. While our review has some pricier picks, it also features a solid, no-frills option from Mercer. A paring knife is useful for small tasks, like cutting citrus, peeling apples, or slicing cheese for the aforementioned cheese board.

A good serrated knife a. bread knife is essential if you're going to be cutting soft breads for sandwiches. Opening a bottle of wine with a flip-flop may be crafty, but it's also dangerous, and utterly unnecessary when you can get a perfectly good and cheap corkscrew online.

We explored several options for our wine-opener review , but for ease of use and storage, you can't beat a simple waiter's corkscrew. This version has a double-hinged lever system, which makes pulling out tough corks a lot easier. And, of course, it includes a bottle opener, for all your many bottle needs.

Canned goods have seen generations of college students through many a meal, and we rely on them pretty heavily for a number of our recipes. Don't even think about using that knife of yours to pop the top— you'll destroy the blade. Get a proper can opener instead, like any of the winners from our can opener review.

It's worth it. Traditional pitcher blenders can be bulky, tedious to clean, and expensive like, hundreds of dollars expensive. Personal blenders are the exact opposite; they're small, easy to store, and relatively affordable.

Plus, if you're the type of student who chugs protein shakes at the gym or sips a smoothie during class, many have blender jars that double as traveling cups.

The one thing personal blenders can't do is purée ice for frozen margaritas and the like. For that, you'll need a more serious blender, like a Vitamix.

An early graduation gift, perhaps? Adequate hydration is key in college, whether you're studying for a big exam or recovering from a serious hangover or both at the same time.

Keeping a pitcher of chilled filtered water on hand makes this easy, since it promises icy-cold sips while removing any contaminants from the tap water. And our winner from Brita should fit nicely in your mini fridge.

If you don't have access to a kitchen and want to develop your cooking skills, an induction burner is a great tool. Induction burners tend to be more responsive than a hot plate or electric burner, and you can adjust the heat more rapidly for easier, faster cooking.

Our burner of choice, by Duxtop, is both well reviewed and reasonably priced. Do remember that an induction cooktop requires induction cookware ; while traditional cooktops transfer heat to the bottom of a pot, induction burners use a magnetic coil to generate heat, which will only work with stainless steel and cast iron.

Good news for safety: Induction burners won't get hot until you place a pot or pan on them. They can still start a fire, though, so heed our safety warning and pay close attention while cooking.

Whether you have an induction burner or access to a real-deal kitchen, you'll want at minimum two pieces of cookware: a three-quart saucier and an affordable nonstick skillet , which should cover you for your eggs in the morning and your pasta at dinner. Don't forget: If you're using an induction cooktop, you'll need a nonstick pan clad in stainless steel.

Otherwise, aluminum will work just fine. All that's left is to fill a sturdy, attractive cooking crock with some basic utensils. That includes a silicone spatula, a whisk , and a set of tongs. If you're game to try some baking, a set of measuring cups , measuring spoons , and mixing bowls will serve you well.

If you've been a dedicated Serious Eats fan for years, then obviously you'll want to bring an immersion circulator to college nerd! but then, so are we Let the drunken sous vide experiments begin! Grab a Cambro , too, so you can easily scale up recipes for dinner parties, and some Ping-Pong balls to reduce evaporation.

Any extras can, of course, be used for beer pong. Cooking-related fires can result in serious injury, or, at the very least, a permanent reputation on campus as "the idiot who set the fire.

Unfortunately, this question is hard to answer, since every college and university will have its own regulations about what is or what isn't allowed in a dorm room. Most dorms don't allow appliances with heating elements that could pose a fire risk, like toasters and toaster ovens, but usually, things like a mini fridge or a microwave are okay.

Anything with a hot plate is often a no-go, but it's best to check regulations to make sure you're following the specific rules for your dormitory. If your dorm doesn't have a shared kitchen, there are a few ways you can cook in a dorm room.

To start, a microwave can handle a lot of basic cooking tasks like single-serving nachos or micro-steaming vegetables. You can also look into whether your dorm allows induction plates, which are quick to heat and great for sautéing. Finally, some dorms may allow a multi-cooker, like an Instant Pot, so you can feed your whole floor a flavorful chili.

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List of Partners vendors. Gift Guides. Here's the Kitchen Gear to Bring With You A roundup of all the cooking equipment you need to eat well at college.

By Ariel Kanter. Ariel Kanter. Ariel Kanter is the director of commerce at Serious Eats, where she manages everything from equipment reviews to gift guides.

She's been with the site since Her writing has also appeared in New York magazine, Time Out New York, amNewYork, Afar, Today and Refinery Learn about Serious Eats' Editorial Process.

In This Article Expand. The Best Kitchen Gear for College Students. An Electric Kettle. A Petite, Compact and Relatively Affordable Coffee Maker.

Airtight Food Storage. A Mini Fridge. A Microwave. A Microwavable Cookware Set. A Pressure Cooker. A Plastic Cutting Board. A Chef's Knife. A Paring Knife. A Bread Knife. A Corkscrew. A Can Opener. If you plan ahead, prep, and freeze your ingredients — you can dump your food in the Crockpot and it will be done in time for dinner.

This programmable Crockpot is easy to use and easy to clean. If you have a family of 4, package up the rest and take it with you for lunch at work. I absolutely LOVE these meal prep containers.

These 3 compartment containers are very durable. You can put them in the freezer, microwave, and the dishwasher. Divvy up the portions in these meal prep containers and you will have lunch for an entire week. These will definitely help your savings add up! I literally use these Pyrex bowls every single day.

The 18 piece, clear bowl set are glass and so much better than plastic. Plastic Tupperware stains and not all of them are BPA free. I only need to replace the filters every two months and I fill this up a couple of times a day at most.

If you need water on the go, grab one of these Brita on-the-go filter cups to save even more. This KitchenAid 9 piece measuring cup and spoon set is dishwasher safe and BPA free.

I get it! No one wants to do the dishes after a long day at work, but those paper products add up! This 5 piece bamboo wood utensil set is another great frugal kitchen essential.

The only caveat I can think of is to never put these in the dishwasher they will mold. Warm, soapy water will do the trick. Be sure to leave them out to air dry too.

I love to make dressings from scratch because they are healthier and much cheaper than pre-made. Therefore, these clear glass sauce bottles are another frugal kitchen essential to have on hand. Instapots are all the rage these days and I can definitely see why.

You can make everything from cake, yogurt, rice, and more in this thing. You need at least one good cooking sheet preferably two in your frugal kitchen essentials.

Instead of spending all of your money on pre-made packages of cookies and other treats, you can make your own. I also like to use these to bake our personal sized pizzas on versus buying a separate pizza pan. The last must-have frugal kitchen essential you need is a set of good cookware.

This cookware set withstands some pretty high temps and they are easy to clean.

pocket-friendly kitchen must-haves

Pocket-friendly kitchen must-haves -

This one comes pre-seasoned too! Everyone needs a go-to sauce pan, and I like this one because it is a convenient size and easy to store. So many fun elements of plant-based cooking are made possible by a food processor: cheesecake , nut butters , quiche , and more!

This version is relatively inexpensive given the quality, and it comes with step-by-step instructions. Friends, with flavors like banana chia almond butter , blueberry cornbread, and even carrot cake , the baking possibilities are endless in this muffin tin. Next, I had to include a slow cooker in this roundup because it is a lifesaver on busy days!

Some of my favorite recipes include vegan BBQ meatballs , chickpea peanut stew , and black bean soup. Also, I even did a round up of top recipes to give you more inspiration!

Additionally, these are made with sustainable materials and absorb heat very easily. I love having a set of a few to choose from. Honestly, many of my most productive days start with a hot cup of coffee. Enter: this super-pretty-yet -functional french press. It makes getting that perfect cup a total breeze.

So, here we have the final installment in affordable kitchen essentials for today: Mason jars! These little containers are definitely my 1 kitchen storage solution.

For example, dried beans, nuts, seeds, and lentils all keep longer when sealed in my pantry this way. Affordable Kitchen Essentials: My Top 12 Tools. August 8, leave a comment. Cancel reply Δ.

Just remember that the handle will heat up in that case. You need a sheet pan to bake cookies, roast veggies, catch meat drippings in the oven, and make sheet-pan meals. This simple stainless steel bowl is wide, shallow, cheap, and durable. You need a mixing bowl for cooking, baking, and sometimes even serving.

Commonly found in commercial kitchens and restaurant-supply stores in a variety of sizes, Thunder Group Standard Weight Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls are durable and useful for any cook. The wide, shallow construction provides ample room for tossing ingredients or whisking air into a mixture.

These versatile stainless steel bowls are oven and dishwasher safe, as well. This scale measures just as accurately as our more expensive top-pick scale. Instead of buying a pricey and easy-to-lose set of measuring cups, go for a digital kitchen scale and score the added benefit of more accurate measurements and fewer dishes to clean.

The Ozeri Pronto Digital Multifunction Kitchen and Food Scale measures as accurately as the more expensive Escali Primo Digital Scale , the top pick in our guide to kitchen scales , and has just the minor downside of a shorter auto-off cycle.

If you want the most accurate possible measurement of small quantities, you may want to throw in a set of measuring spoons. This classic measuring cup is durable, legible, and easy to clean.

A digital scale has you covered for measuring dry ingredients, but measuring liquids is often easier with a liquid measuring cup. Such a tool also works well for slowly drizzling oil into a mixture, keeping water on hand to add gradually to a dough, or even watering plants.

Made of durable tempered glass and labeled with clearly printed, legible measurement markings, this Pyrex measuring cup is another of our longtime favorite kitchen tools.

Its spout pours a smooth stream, and it stacks well with other Pyrex measuring cups. This durable can opener turns smoothly and cuts through cans with ease. The EZ-Duz-It grips cans securely and cuts through them smoothly, removing lids entirely rather than leaving you with a sharp disk clinging to the can.

You might want to hit the thrift store for plates, cups, bowls, and cutlery, as well as an oven mitt or a fun hobby appliance such as an ice cream maker or Instant Pot.

Beyond that, here are a few more of our favorite inexpensive kitchen tools that can help you round out your newly equipped kitchen. Scissors are indispensable if you want to fully debone or spatchcock a chicken, but you can also use them to cut kimchi into bite-size pieces, cut rings of green onion for a quick garnish, or just cut into a package.

The OXO Good Grips Kitchen Scissors can handle all those tasks smoothly. These scissors have sharp blades that come apart for easy cleaning, and one blade has a micro-serrated edge to keep slippery ingredients like raw poultry in place as you cut.

A silicone spatula is great for folding together cookie dough or scraping every drop of aioli out of your mixing bowl, and this one is the best. If you love to bake treats or make sauces, add a silicone spatula to your shopping list. Perfect for scraping and folding, the GIR Ultimate Spatula adds a bit more precision and ease to tasks that you could otherwise do with a spoon.

Like the Victorinox paring knife, the serrated Victorinox Swiss Classic Tomato and Table Knife is a reliable, inexpensive tool from a trusted brand known for great blades.

Add it to your kitchen if you love taking a baguette to the park or need your tomatoes sliced just so. A set of measuring spoons helps you get more precise measurements of small quantities of dry or wet ingredients.

The Ozeri digital scale we recommend in this guide measures quantities down to 1 gram, but digital scales can get iffy with smaller and fractional measurements—1. Trying to portion out small quantities while watching the scale can also be annoyingly slow and finicky compared with just dipping a spoon in a jar.

For the easiest, most accurate measurement of small quantities of ingredients, add a set of measuring spoons to your kitchen. The spoons in the Sur La Table Spice Measuring Spoons set are sturdy and accurate, and they fit into most spice jars. These existing picks are the result of hundreds of hours of testing over the course of many years.

Mace Dent Johnson is a staff writer on the kitchen team at Wirecutter. Their background is in creative writing and academic research, and they are always thinking about food. After around 60 hours of research and testing since , we think the accurate and inexpensive Escali Primo Digital Kitchen Scale is the best for most people.

After dozens of hours researching and testing organizing options, we recommend more than 20 items to make the most out of your tiny kitchen. Microwaves basically all perform the same, but we like the Toshiba EMA5C for its looks and its useful extra features.

We tested 50 dinnerware sets in a wide range of designs and prices. We found 11 favorites to suit any lifestyle and budget. Back to top Must-have essentials Optional extras Why you should trust us. Must-have essentials. An everyday pan plus a spatula pick a set.

Our pick. Lodge Pre-Seasoned Inch Cast Iron Skillet A deep, heavy, buy-it-for-life skillet. Winco FST-6 6. Tramontina Professional Nonstick Inch Restaurant Fry Pan One of our favorite nonstick pans.

GIR Mini Flip Silicone Spatula An all-purpose, nonstick-friendly flipper. A midsize pot and strainers. Cuisinart Mesh Strainers Three fine-mesh strainers. Good blades and a cutting board. Victorinox Swiss Classic Paring Knife The best paring knife.

OXO Good Grips Utility Cutting Board A smaller version of our favorite plastic cutting board. Kuhn Rikon Original Swiss Peeler The best Y-shaped peeler. Winco Inch Stainless Steel Piano Wire Whip An adept, all-metal whisk.

Thunder Group Standard Weight Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls A durable, lightweight bowl. Ozeri Pronto Digital Multifunction Kitchen and Food Scale Accurate and inexpensive.

Pyrex Prepware 2-Cup Measuring Cup The best liquid measuring cup. EZ-Duz-It The best can opener. Optional extras. GIR Ultimate Spatula For a clean scrape. Sur La Table Spice Measuring Spoons More accurate small-quantity measuring.

Cheap eats promotions delicious, homemade meals doesn't have pocket-friendly kitchen must-haves iktchen the bank. If you are new to learning the how and why pocket-friendly kitchen must-haves what makes Free sampling opportunities kitchdn meal, and why does food behave pocket-ffriendly way Reduced-price breakfast menus does, having a few essential kutchen tools can make your culinary adventures pockdt-friendly convenient and budget-friendly. Free sampling opportunities kitchen gadgets are not of much use since they might just serve one singular purpose, taking up unnecessary space in your kitchen. Here we have thoughtfully curated pocket-friendly cooking essentials that can make cooking in any kitchen a whole lot easier. Knives and a Cutting Board It is super obvious that a knife and a cutting board are usually the first things you need when preparing most of your dishes. You can start by getting yourself 2 quality knives based on your comfort and preference. Most kitchen preps can be done using 2 knives: a large chef knife and a paring knife.

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