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Cheap culinary essentials

Cheap culinary essentials

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Cheap culinary essentials -

Hostel Breakfast, Sweden © tuey. Those prepared instant oatmeal packets may be yummy, but they are ultimately more expensive and nowhere near as healthy as the more natural alternative. So if you buy steel-cut oats, you may pay more for a bag, but those little grains are jam-packed with goodness and it will take less to fill you up.

Steel cut oats are one of the best protein sources you can find in a grain. Most travelers catch lunch on the road, so you can either pack a lunch or buy one on the fly. Of course the cheap healthy option is to pack one. Lunches are some of the easiest meals to prepare, with sandwiches being the most logical option.

Wrap up a hunk of cheese, pack an apple or other indigenous fruit, and you have a decent quick lunch to eat on the go. Cream cheese is also a great mayo-alternative in a sandwich, and keeps a little longer out of the fridge.

Anybody who has spent time on the budget travel road could probably stand to own a few shares in a ramen company. These small packets of oriental noodles in a flavored soup base are cheap, yummy, and quick to prepare.

But they are terribly processed, and lack many of the nutrients we need. If you must have ramen, you can easily spice it up and be the envy of your traveling comrades. Along with the noodles or before you add them , throw in a mix of local vegetables try broccoli, carrots, peppers, and onions for starters.

Just before you take your masterpiece off the heat, add an egg and scramble it into the soup. It will only take a minute to cook, and will add amazing texture, flavor, and protein to your now well-balanced ramen meal.

Another less explored lunch option if you are brown-bagging it is to bring along leftovers from your glorious dinner prepared the night before. Making Curry, Honduras © mercybell. Here are a variety of dinner options you can prepare, including full meals, side dishes, and expandable options.

Potatoes are cheap, and we all love them. The glory of baked potatoes or any potatoes for that matter is their versatility and ability to go with just about anything. Throw leftover pasta sauce on it with some cheese, add some spices like basil or oregano and garlic, and you have a one-serving masterpiece.

Or try them with bacon bits which travel well and some plain yogurt which you have on hand for breakfast and you may not miss the sour cream.

An even better and healthier twist on the regular baked potato is to substitute it for a sweet potato, which is richer, chock full of nutrients, and arguably yummier. So is a can of tuna, a small can of black olives, and a small bottle of tomato sauce or pesto.

The only missing ingredient is some cheese preferably feta , which you can pick up on the way back from your day of sight-seeing. I would also be inclined to add a variety of vegetables like green onions or celery, but that part is up to you. If there is an oven available, then just mix all the ingredients together cook the pasta first , and bake it until warm and gooey.

If there is no oven, you can achieve a similar effect on the stove, conveniently using the same pot you used to cook the pasta. To learn more, view our Privacy Policy.

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