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Cost-effective drink discounts

Cost-effective drink discounts

How many modern professionals run from event Cost-effective drink discounts Sample giveaway promotion after Cosr-effective And, most people drin Cost-effective drink discounts to go to work the next day, so they're less concerned about the alcohol content. Build themed tapas, such as dishes with more protein or less meat. Mix up a punch that won't empty your wallet.

Cost-effective drink discounts -

Include giant Jenga, inflatable lawn bowling, life-size Connect Four, and other super-sized favorites. BartenderPlanet reports that most adults in the U. spend about 2. Appeal to consumers seeking an extended after-work event with trivia nights. Hosting trivia nights is a fantastic way to encourage team-building, promote socialization, and build a base of loyal, repeat customers.

Find an engaging host who knows how to work a crowd and experiment with unique, niche themes to discover what gets people in the door. So many professionals rush home after work to care for their four-legged friends.

Many are too tuckered to consider going out again after feeding, walking, and playing with their beloved pets. But what if they could bring your furry friend along? Watch as animal-loving interest in your establishment grows. Although happy hour traditionally revolves around low-priced drinks and affordable, high-calorie appetizers, consider offering customers healthier happy hour options.

Create happy hour events that appeal to the more active members of your community. Gather groups to go on a pub walk, enjoy an evening of spirited salsa dancing, or a community cycling trip that ends with a few brews.

Include healthy snacks, like a hummus place, pita chips, or freshly pulled chicken. Provide high-carb beers to help participants refuel after more intense activity. Consider offering discounts to groups training to compete in a local marathon or similar competition. This can attract new patrons to your establishment while giving your venue a unique opportunity to show off its sponsorship potential.

One of the hottest health food trends to watch in is eco-conscious drinking, which has become more important to consumers. Eco-conscious drinks favor environmental conservation, sustainable water sourcing, and the use of often-discarded fruit byproducts.

Serve sustainably farmed oysters with eco-friendly cocktails to impress guests while supporting local ecosystems. As travel and tourism's environmental and local impacts become more well-known, travelers have explicitly started seeking eco-friendly destinations, products, and brands. Organize happy hour events that promote your green hotel or plant-based menu.

Build themed tapas, such as dishes with more protein or less meat. Highlight responsibly and ethically sourced delectable dishes with high-quality, local ingredients. How many modern professionals run from event to event after work? Market your event to those who need a post-work energy boost before attending another event.

Do you want to introduce your venue to more members of the community? Are you trying to create a stronger community at work? Are you looking for a way to build stronger bonds or gain more trust within your team? If so, consider mixing team-building fundamentals with a little bit of fun with these engaging, low-pressure happy hour ideas:.

Host an after-work interdepartmental meet and greet. Offer an impressive spread of delicious snacks, provide alcohol if appropriate, and plan a few low-key icebreakers to ease the tension.

Open your happy hour events up to more attendees by tapping into the availability of coworking space near you. Look for hip, connected coworking spaces that can accommodate businesses of all sizes. Spaces like Bond Collective , which have locations in several states, enable companies from various industries to open their events up to more attendees.

Gather members of your office for an evening of friendly competition. Play engaging games like Pictionary and charades, or compete in team-building challenges , like a puzzle race or scavenger hunt.

Encourage employees to form small teams to complete a local or business-based scavenger hunt. Advertise an enticing prize for the winner, such as tickets to a major attraction, dinner for two, or extra vacation days. There are few better ways to show your staff appreciation, without making them feel obligated to attend an hours-long event, than by providing them with a free meal.

Yes, you heard that right. If you need an afterwork pick me up, stop here after work. Find one of the most exciting happy hours at the Loreley Beer Garden.

This summer, you can find a happy hour including select rosé wines by the glass and bottle, rosé sangria, cider and Frosé Flamingos starting at 5 pm on weekdays, and 12 pm Friday-Sunday!

Hours: Monday — Tuesday: til pm Wednesday — Thursday: til pm Fridays: pm — pm Sundays: pm — pm. Their happy hour runs all week from 4 — 7 pm, and on Thursdays their drink happy hour deals last all night long!

Catch some live music while you enjoy such incredible deals. A post shared by Sidra be eating ifsidraateit.

Craving some seafood but not looking to drop a ton of money? From 11 a. Enjoy affordable deals all night long. Tequila and soda drinks are definitely refreshing. One of the simplest, and cheapest drinks, it's up to you whether you want to use ginger ale or club soda.

Take any lager or light beer and give it new life with just a little bit of lemonade. You can even use lemon juice instead of lemonade by adding two ounces.

Fruit juice can be pretty inexpensive, so these cheap fruity drinks are perfect whether you're looking for cheap drinks to order at a bar or the cheapest drinks to make at home.

The Cape Codder a variation on the sea breeze is a simple and inexpensive way to order a cheap mixed drink. It's a delicious combo of apples and cinnamon with just two key ingredients, and you'll even be able to score apple cider for cheap during season.

Margaritas can cost a pretty penny, but lemonade is pretty cheap to find at a bar and the store, so you can still get that tasty tequila citrus flavors without paying the big bucks.

It's easy to make cheap fruity drinks, especially if you have fresh fruit on hand. By following a simple recipe of a half cup of fruit, two ounces of liquor with four ounces of a mixer such as juice or club soda, you have a cheap and easy fruity drink. However, bars will often charge a premium for fresh fruit drinks, so it's cheaper to make at home.

Belly up to the bar and order their cheapest drinks with confidence! If you're looking for the classics, choose well liquors. It's easy to make the classics affordable and tasty when you skip the big name brands. A vodka martini is a simple combination of vodka and dry vermouth.

Both ingredients can be pretty inexpensive, particularly if you're not looking to use the best of the best. Grapefruit is a pretty cheap ingredient, and if you can't find any, then equal parts grapefruit juice and club soda make for a great substitute.

You might be confused about a daiquiri being a cheap drink, but you only need well silver rum and two other ingredients for a highbrow-looking cocktail at lowbrow prices. Sangria is usually reasonably priced because of the inexpensive fruity wine as its base, fruit, and fruit juice, and an inexpensive mixer such as 7-up or club soda.

Likewise, because it's a punch and made in bulk, it's often inexpensive in bars and restaurants as well. Save money by choosing a cheap, fruity wine such as an inexpensive Rioja or Beaujolais Nouveau to make it. Serves 4. Generations of college students have discovered that when you add enough juice or kool-aid, you can disguise the flavor of even the cheapest alcohol and turn it into a sweet, palatable mixed drink.

You'll find many recipes for jungle juice ; many of them mixed in large containers by dumping several types of cheap booze along with various fruit juices, including fruit punch, lemon-lime soda, or kool-aid.

It's a great, collective way to make a mixed drink that will save money by having everyone bring a few of the ingredients. This jungle juice recipe has a staggering 16 servings. Like cheap fruit drinks, party drinks have an easy-to-remember ratio of two ounces of a spirit for every four to six ounces of the mixer.

If you use 26 ounces of vodka, you would want 52 ounces of a mixer or combination such as cranberry juice 36 ounces , club soda 12 ounces , and lime juice 4 ounces.

You don't have to spend a fortune on mixed drinks. While cheap mixed drinks are often quite simple and use fewer ingredients than other cocktails, they're still just as satisfying.

Making drinks at home is a great way to save money anyway; bars tend to have quite a mark-up on their drinks, so you'll almost always pay more in a bar than you will at home.

Knowing that, you can save money at home using some of the following tips:. Just because you're drinking on the cheap doesn't mean you have to choke your way through terrible cocktails.

There are plenty of easy, affordable, tasty mixed drinks and cocktail ingredients that allow you to enjoy a libation or two without breaking the bank.

You may opt out of our email messages at any time. Easy Fizzy Cheap Drinks Whether you're ordering them at your favorite dive bar or making them yourself, these are some of the easiest, cheapest, basic bartending drinks around, usually featuring two to three inexpensive ingredients plus ice and garnish.

Best Drinks to Order at a Bar for Every Taste Your Cocktail Toolkit: How to Make a Screwdriver Drink 9 Best Pregame Drinks to Get the Party Started.

Rum and Coke Typically, one of the cheapest drinks to order at a bar is a rum and coke made with, well, rum and whatever cola the bar has available.

Ingredients 2 ounces rum, silver or spiced Ice Cola to top off Lime wedge for garnish Instructions In a rocks or highball, add ice and rum. Top off with cola. Garnish with lime wedge. Vodka Soda You don't need to use premium vodka.

Ingredients 1½ ounces vodka Ice 4 ounces club soda to top off Lime wheel for garnish Instructions In a highball glass, add ice, vodka, and club soda.

Stir to mix. Garnish with lime wheel. Gin and Tonic In a bar, just ask for the well gin, and at home select an inexpensive but reasonably good gin. Ingredients 2 ounces gin Ice 4 ounces tonic water to top off Lime wedge for garnish Instructions In a highball or rocks glass, add ice, gin, and tonic.

Ginger Ale Moscow Mule If you're using a cheap vodka, then the most expensive ingredient in a Moscow mule is typically the ginger beer. Ingredients 1½ ounces vodka ¾ ounces lime juice Ice 4 ounces ginger ale Lime wheel for garnish. Instructions In a cocktail shaker , add ice, vodka, and lime juice.

Shake to chill. Strain into rocks glass over fresh ice. Top off with ginger ale.

Cost-effectove unique and extremely popular [citation needed] authority on pop culture Free sample mailing lists last updated Ckst-effective March 29, Discountx by Sam Greenspan. Cost-effecitve little while back, I Cost-effective drink discounts a list of the 11 Best Low Calorie Beers To Get You Drunk But Not Make You Fat. For my calculations, I based my formula off the one used on the excellent website Get Drunk Not Broke although I found my numbers came out differently than theirs, usually because of discrepancies over cost. So the formula is….

Cost-effective drink discounts -

Find the best and cheapest happy hours in NYC for date night or after-work drinks. Need a new first date destination, an after-work decompression spot or a local dive where everybody knows your name? With deals at local dives and scene-y cocktail lounges alike, our favorite bars in NYC offer all different ways to get drunk on a dime.

Some house spirits are also a couple bucks off. Designed to be bright, airy and calm, the space is ideal for sipping a drink at the end of a long day of work.

Need a quiet oasis to read a book or escape the raucousness of other bars' happy hours? Like a lot of similarly dark and divey spaces, has recently spilled out onto the sidewalk and into the sunshine with the expansion of outdoor seating.

All the more room to enjoy its everyday deals and beloved beer-and-shot combos. Try the Ocho Old Fashioned, where the whiskey is swapped for golden rum, or a daiquiri, made simply and expertly with Bacardi, sugar and lime.

Need a drink in midtown before you take that long train ride home? This romantic Rivington Street wine bar has been a backdrop for date night, meet-cutes and self love since Picturesque cocktails are served in a narrow seat space, fitted with blue-and-gold damask wallpaper and budget replicas of famous paintings at this stylish, Paris-inspired staple.

Expect two-for-one deals on select drinks. Add some snacks to your sips at this seat spot, which is designed with colorful scalloped tiles and a shingled outside awning that emulates fish scales.

The spiked frozen coffee at this southern fried Williamsburg hang is so good you can almost forget Skinny Dennis even has a happy hour. Be a pal and tip the musicians, please. About us. Contact us.

No thanks Awesome, you're subscribed! Déjà vu! We already have this email. Try another? Photograph: Courtesy of Christian Koerwer The 15 best happy hours in NYC right now Find the best and cheapest happy hours in NYC for date night or after-work drinks.

Facebook Twitter Pinterest Email WhatsApp. Discover the best of the city, first. Enter email address Déjà vu! Best happy hours in NYC. Read review. Clover Club. Bars Lounges Carroll Gardens price 2 of 4. Read more. Sweet Afton.

Bars Beer bars Astoria price 2 of 4. Restaurants Williamsburg. Restaurants Greenpoint. Diamond Lil Bar. Bars Cocktail bars Greenpoint. Weekdays pm Need a quiet oasis to read a book or escape the raucousness of other bars' happy hours?

Bars Dive bars Two Bridges price 1 of 4. Running a bar business is not a walk in the park. One of the most popular restaurant marketing strategies is happy hour. Of course, any hour can be happy hour when you're learning how to make a cocktail with rum. But, happy hours are nothing without drink specials.

So, keep reading to discover some of the best happy hour drink specials you can make for every night of the week using all types of alcohol. Sunday is one of the most interesting days of the week for liquor sales.

Since many people will be going back to work the next day, sales tend to taper off by the end of the night. This means focusing on selling more drinks earlier is key. First, you can craft football and other sports-themed drinks.

As every sports bar can attest to, Sunday is game day in America. If you have televisions and are open for lunch, try to put on the biggest game in your region and use a Sunday-only drink menu. Just remember that you'll likely sell far more beer during this time than crafted drinks.

So make sure your bartenders are well-versed in pouring beer. Second, offering wine specials is a great way to keep margins higher when sales begin to slow down.

After the sports crowd has left, many people are looking for a final, quiet night before the workweek begins.

Wine is the perfect choice of drink to target since the wine alcohol content is much lower and it's great for relaxing. Put together the best wine list you have with a range of offerings to keep sales flowing. Like Sunday, Saturday is another big sports day in the U. Unlike Sunday, Saturday also has very strong sales going late into the night.

This makes it the perfect day for increasing sales and targeting multiple demographics through drink specials. First, you can target the late-night crowd with whiskey cocktails and beer.

After a long day of college football games, these are the perfect drinks to get social with and many are already on the list of drinks every bartender should know. And, most people don't have to go to work the next day, so they're less concerned about the alcohol content.

Second, you should also put together a morning or early afternoon drink special list. Think mimosas or bloody Mary's. These are classic brunch drinks and a good way to start a fun weekend. This is especially true if your bar is in a city that regularly has tourists, where these drinks have even more appeal.

Friday marks the end of the average workweek and a great night for selling alcohol. Even better, it's good for selling higher-margin drinks and getting rid of inventory that's close to becoming dead stock.

Here's how:. First, you should definitely be offering call drinks. Call drinks are cocktails crafted using high-end, name-brand liquor as opposed to the bottom-of-shelf stuff.

These drinks are more expensive for the customer but offer a very high profit margin. Since Friday nights are usually one of the busiest nights of the week, this is the best time to make sure your bartenders know how to upsell. You can also sell mystery drinks.

Before we go into this, make sure you list any allergens in the alcohol being used. Nobody wants to cause an issue with a wine allergy in the bar. It can be fun! Have a bartender whip up something delicious … and mysterious.

Sell it as a mystery drink. If someone can guess the 2 or 3 main ingredients in it, they get a free well cocktail, domestic draft, or house wine as an effective LTO.

Thursday is the first night of the week where bars and restaurants usually begin to see an uptick in sales. However, it's not always as profitable as Friday and the weekend. First, you should focus on well drinks. These are cocktails made using lower-cost well liquor stored out of sight in the bar.

These are usually the most popular cocktails because they're priced lower than top-shelf options. They're a good choice for Thursdays because college-aged drinkers are often the most populous group on Thursdays.

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BUYING ALCOHOL FOR A HOUSE PARTY - A Fool-Proof Guide Here are 18 tasty Cost-effective drink discounts Cost-efefctive enjoy while on discoumts Cost-effective drink discounts. Idscounts many of us, Cost-effeective rum and coke is one of the first Free pet food samples we tried in our early days of getting dkscounts know alcohol. Now, you can kick the classic up a notch while pinching pennies. View Recipe. Rum is an affordable spirit we recommend always keeping on-hand, plus simple syrup is easily made at home, kept in a jar in your fridge, and can even last up to 6 months. Perfect for chilly evenings and versatile it can be made with rum, brandy, whiskey or even ginthe hot toddy is an affordable go-to we make every fall and winter.

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