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Test out personal care goods

Test out personal care goods

The staff of Microchem is here to help companies understand cosmetic regulations and set psrsonal tests ;ersonal necessary Minimized food expenditure meet Discounted food orders objectives. A new password oht be assigned Value meal promotions your account and emailed to you. You need a way to set your products apart in an ever-changing and extremely crowded marketplace. Customer Center Events Follow-Up Services Help and Support Insights myUL® Client Portal Certification Database - UL Product iQ® Marks and Labels Resource Library Terms and Legal Information Tools, Apps and Databases UL Standards. Test out personal care goods

Test out personal care goods -

e, on product package, at POS, online, etc. state not all products are created equal and consumer claims help differentiate one brand's product from another. What Makes TBC's Approach Different? TBC has conducted testing for the largest brands in the business, as well as scores of Indie startups.

Interested in becoming a tester? Click Here. We work with you to develop the right product testing strategy, matching your product with the right potential buyer.

We send your products to our panelists all over the country. Our panelists test and provide valuable feedback by completing customized online self-assessment claims surveys. The brand gets validated reviews and testimonials. Substantiated Consumer Claims And Their Many Uses.

Hero Cosmetics View. For those just staring out, we have outlined the five top reasons to test your cosmetic products. If you have questions, just give the lab a call.

Formulators and Consultants serve a crucial role in the personal care industry by giving ingredient advice, identifying formulators, and finally, helping manufacturers choose a reputable laboratory. Consultants know the importance of preservative challenge studies , stability studies , and routine screening for the presence of bacteria and fungi.

When you refer your clients to Microchem Laboratory, our goal is to underscore your recommendation by providing easy, affordable, and accurate testing to your customers. Cosmetic Formulators : Nobody knows better than Microchem that personal care product formulation is a blend of art and science.

We have learned that experience in cosmetic formulation matters, and we can serve as a trusted partner to evaluate the microbiological and physical stability of formulations in a cost-effective and rapid manner.

To ensure product safety, and therefore compliance with the Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, all companies should do regular product testing including aerobic plate counts on finished goods and a preservative challenge testing on each formulation.

When you fill out our price quote or contact form , or pick up the phone and call , you can expect to be greeted by a friendly, experienced scientist who will answer questions about test methods and regulatory compliance.

If testing is in order, the lab will provide you with a no-pressure quote for testing. If your request is highly specialized or out of our testing scope, we will gladly refer you to a cosmetic testing laboratory or personal care product testing laboratory that can help.

Here is a website tour of many resources you will find at Microchem Laboratory. Working with Microchem is simple and easy, just request a quote or simply give the lab a call or email us. Preservative challenge testing of cosmetics and personal care products is important to ensure the safety of the products prior to consumer use.

According to the FDA, it is the responsibility of the finished product manufacturer to substantiate the safety of both ingredients and finished cosmetic products prior to marketing. The ability of a preservative system is to protect the product from microbial growth and degradation must be established through microbial challenge testing of the final formulation.

Challenge testing cosmetics is likely the single most important type of testing a cosmetic maker can do to protect their product. This testing allows manufacturers and formulators of cosmetics to have a clear picture of how their products will withstand the microbial attack which is inevitable during consumer use.

Microchem Laboratory specializes in both industry standard challenge test methods and custom methods based on those standards to assist you in your preservative challenge testing needs. We offer the following test methods:. Our staff of knowledgeable scientists are ready to help determine the best and most cost effective challenge testing for your needs.

Contact the lab today for more information regarding preservative challenge testing for cosmetics or request a same day price quote. Cosmetic and personal care product expiration dates should be established as determined by shelf-life and stability testing. Any significant change from the normal aesthetic or microbial profile indicates a possible problem with product stability, which should be further investigated.

We offer realtime and accelerated stability testing that is customized to your product specific needs. Smithers will only retain your personal information for as long as necessary to fulfil the purposes for which we collected it and in accordance with the time periods found in our Data Retention Policy.

At any point while we are in possession of or processing your personal data you can exercise all of the rights available to you under the governing data protection law.

You can view these rights in full on our Privacy Notice. Through agreeing to this privacy notice you are consenting to Smithers processing your personal data for the purposes outlined.

You can withdraw consent at any time, or raise a question or concern by emailing us at privacy smithers. FULL SMITHERS PRIVACY NOTICE. Head of Physical Testing - Packaging, Materials Science and Engineering. Find out more about how you can use recycled plastics in personal care product packaging, utilizing testing commonly used for food contact scenarios.

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My Account Sign Out Sign In Sign In Email Address. Forgotten Password If you have forgotten your password, please enter your email address below and click "Reset Password". Email Address. English UK English US. Home Industries Consumer Household and Personal Care Packaging Testing.

Household and Personal Care Packaging Testing. Smithers supports clients in the household and personal care industry with: Food Contact Testing - To minimize risks to consumers, testing that was developed for food contact applications can also be applied to personal care packaging and consumer items like cookware.

This is especially important if using recycled plastics in personal care packaging, where your team will need to perform NIAS testing or PFAS testing as part of due diligence when using materials from unknown sources.

Packaging Materials Testing - Our ISO accredited laboratories are fully equipped for standard and non-standard testing services for paper, board and plastic materials.

We offer an extensive range of material tests, providing clients with an objective understanding of material performance. Packaging Performance Improvement and Troubleshooting. Tailored investigations into complex technical packaging issues Process improvement, including pack development and machine interaction Independent panel test evaluations of a test package or product under controlled conditions Packaged Goods Distribution and Supply Chain support.

Smithers' expert knowledge and comprehensive package testing facilities enable us to provide effective solutions for a range of core issues, such as pack design, damage prevention and reduction, and sustainability challenges.

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